Kundalini blowout, how the healing works

For me this whole journey is an Earthen experience. In the beginning I did not know why it happened, how it happened, or who was in charge. As a Native American Indian it is our way to honor every path that we are given to walk so naturally I considered it an honor to take this journey and have been very open to it.

The Earth tells me she is the one who is in charge of my Kundalini journey. She showed me the path that I took to get here, the signs in my youth that reveal themselves along the path to my destiny, which was to assist the Earth in his/her/their ascension to a body again that is not so dense and heavy. It was as if walking along my path (they call life) road signs would appear that would say “Path to Sacred Kundalini Rising.. me at 12, sitting there looking into the face of a flower, finding myself in a vision, 2 visions actually, the Kacheena Indian mother who came to guide me, who told me to only take my council from the Earth, the second: seeing the contract as it had just been approved for my journey to the Earth after the call had gone out, “We need volunteers to go to the Earth to assist the lovely Blue and Green Dancers in their ascension”

They showed me how there were other markers along my journey that told me I was traveling towards my destiny, like during my 30s’ when the Earth was telling me, “take this exit” and I was resistant, asking her why. “She would say, “I want to see if you can follow my instructions.”

This lead to the journey in which, in the year 2,000, I surrendered to her, to follow the path that she told me to take. They showed me how every step after that I was guided to take was leading me to my destiny. (again, inside the dream, I would hear them whisper, “you have now arrived at your destiny.)

It was an Indian, very Earthen, journey that I was guided down to get here in which I hugged trees and they talked to me, I followed the Animal Signs that were given, and I went to every place the Earth told me to go, sang every song she told me to sing (even in the place where stones were thrown at me because not all of my song appeared to be ‘Indian.’  It did not matter what song she told me to sing in the place of the falling stones, I sang it anyway, because she was telling me what to sing where.

Coming into the place of Thunderstruck, that too they said was a part of being guided towards this Kundalini Awakening for it was there that the Unicorn appeared and restored my memories, all the while the Earth was guiding me to that moment where my heart chakra opened wide as I bear witness to a Lakota Indian singing to the Thunder Beings.

The Dance after that showed me 2 rainbow twin flames, then an out of this world fireworks display.. and then my Kundalini began to spin. It was not because any person was in my life but because I had been guided by the Earth to my destiny, which they whispered again and again, “you have now arrived at your destiny, at the purpose for which you came to Earth.”

In the midst of the dream, a goddess appeared and explained that the Earth was the one who was in charge of my Kundalini spinning like it was and does and that this was for the releasing of trapped energies upon the Earths body.

Then dreams within the dream came and showed me the transformation of the trapped energies after they had been released through my Kundalini vessel.

Every day the Kundalini Serpent rises up inside me to release more of the trapped energy on the Earths body. When I have a Kundalini blowout, it is very interesting for the serpent energy rises up the level of the blow out and ponders there as if, in another dimension, a person is in a medical lab gathering what is needed to heal a tear in the fabric of my chakra. I will be able to tell that there will be no blocked energy from the Earth being released that day. I will also feel a burning sensation in my cosmic V chakra while the Kundalini is “in the lab working”

After that, every day, and sometimes more than once a day, the Kundalini will rise to the place of the tear in my chakra as if to check how I am healing and do some work. It will feel as though someone came into the lab and stirred the medicine that I can feel along the lining of the wall of my chakra, and at the same time will feel as though the energy upon penetration will check the level of pain or discomfort, do it’s work (possible could be described the way animal will lick its wound because its saliva has the healing properties) So the Kundalini will rise and even though I can feel it as discomfort and sometimes painful, the Kundalini will not force itself through me, but will travel each day to check on me and apply some healing salve.

Yesterday it came, tested the degree to which I had healed, then as if a chakra spinning off to the side, and not as strong it will spin.. and then like in the animal licking its wound scenario it will make small laps across the tear, which seems to have the effect of healing the tear. I found this quite pleasurable with only the smallest amount of being able to feel the tear.

Then last night I could feel the Kundalini spinning so I thought I would lay on my back in bed to watch and feel it. It was and is quite lovely watching the energy come up the body like a gentle flame lapping the sides of a log. It is interesting to note what happens and the different places that I will see the “spinning of separate galaxies” and lovely to feel. The one in my tummy feels completely yummy and has the feeling of hold a baby in your womb. It generally is large and spins like a galaxy that has mini galaxies being activated within it. I am completely mesmerized when this one is spinning as each one has its own separate feel and makes a different picture come inside my head when it is activated.

The Kundalini then traveled up to my heart. This release of trapped energy upon the Earth was different from the previous one. All 4 of them now have made a different picture and had a different feel, or story to tell. If I was going to guess where this release of trapped energy upon the Earth came from I would say it came from the coal mines. It had the appearance of, as if you turned on your furnace and ventilated a coal mine with all the coal dust blowing out the vent. There was a dark energy being released.

I wanted to share on the Kundalini blowouts because, the Kundalini, after arriving at my heart chakra (with the spectacular thousand points of light coming out of my heart.) appears to have been too much and has caused a blow out.  Yesterday while doing the dishes, such a pain came into my spine at my heart chakra. I already knew I was in the midst of a Kundalini blowout at my sacred V.. so with this new chakra opening and releasing in an upward fashion along my spine, I thought I should watch it and record it, what the Kundalini Serpent will do there and how it will heal. For my brothers and sisters who are destined to pass this way too, destined to be yet another vessel used by the Earth to release the trapped energies upon their body so that they can be transformed into something new, a new Earth that will not be so dense and heavy in body… It is our creation.. of love, creating the places we will come to know.


I also think I am going to reactivate my web page and put this journey in there… (It is like my 5th web page book, all of which have, in the Indian Way, been free to read, without charge, and all of which once their time was served disappeared off the Internet, and transformed into the next book..

Their names were..

1 Che Chee To Wah, the Rite of Passage

2 Sacred Journeys

3 Thunderstruck

4 My Life as a Fairy Tale

5 temporary name, the Kundalini Journey

************** Note: writing this out has taken several days. This morning I woke up to what appeared to be a huge bubble of energy trying to exit out my heart chakra. It was being quite painful. As I was laying there waiting for it to subside the Kundalini Serpent activated within me and I began to feel it rising . It came up to the bubble of energy that was trying to pass through my heart chakra and began absorbing it so that it became smaller and smaller and was able to pass out my heart chakra and the pain subsided. However when I got up I had a back ache.. So I am thinking out loud to the collective whole. I am grateful that I am scheduled for my Sacral Cranial therapy today, and in creating a new world it would be wise to place calls upon the hearts of individuals within the Native Communities to train for the Cranial Sacral Therapy so that they can naturally step in to assist all the ones who will be assisting the Earth in Her/His ascension to a body that is not so dense.

I also decided that I am going to start to chart where all the Kundalini spinnings are taking place…  I am thinking it may be a Star Map… I did a quick draw of a few to get started…


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