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Comet Ison and Native Spirituality
November 30, 2013

In our Native Spirituality this is the way that we dance.. our stories that we pass from generation to generation come from moments, just like this journey of watching Comet Ison in her race to again circle in dance around the Sun .. and following my dreams that she showed me..  and then their dance in sacred union in which he took from her, her lace..

I do believe that she told me that she came here to do ..  it is hard to explain..  but I believe that the white with pink pebbles in the stream (in the dream) was her showing me in them making love she released her seeds..  like a great divine pregnancy (but not like a human pregnancy, like the spark of life when 2 opposites share a union..  He is fire and she is Ice)..  I can’t explain it because I was not exactly expecting to see them kiss and for him to remove her clothes as she circled him..  I did not expect to see that they made love, but now that I have seen that I am remembering her showing me the stream of water in which there were the white pebbles with pink in them that like the size of seeds (Jack and the Bean stock size, like 1 to 2 inch seeds, pebbles worn smooth with the water)…  (this might manifest on the Earth as a new breed of animal being born, or something)

In Native Spirituality, in our stories Ison’s circle around the sun reminds me of this story..  This story is different.. and yet made of the same kind of sacred journey…

the kiss comet ison

A Cheyenne Legend ~ Falling Star

One day  in the long ago, two young girls were lying on the grass outside their  tipi on a warm summer evening. They were looking up into the sky,  describing star-pictures formed by their imaginations.

“That is a pretty star. I like that one,” said First Girl.

“I like that one best of all–over there,” Second Girl pointed.

First Girl pointed to the brightest star in the sky and said,

“I like the brightest one best of all. That is the one I want to marry.”

continued here:

Comet Ison, she has made it to the other side
November 30, 2013

I was watching the story and they were saying it was pretty rough, her dance around the sun…    but in my head I kept seeing a sacred dancer, and the 2 of them embracing while he slowly removed from her her clothes..  What I saw was sacred dance…  and I had this thought that she would regain her composure once she got to the other side…

the kiss

Great video, from …


Kundalini ~sacred dance to my heart
November 27, 2013

The Kundalini dances so softly up my spin

coming in at the base with a feel of the divine

many mystical whispy snakes

of blues and greens

dancing in harmony encircling my spine.

I can see like a vortex of energy

that they are circling around

in their magical dance

so softly and gently

coming up inside of me

and dancing its way

up to my heart…

Heart Kundalini up the spine example 3

Oh this Heart Kundalini has moved to a new level.  I do not even have a boyfriend as I am laying there when the new dance inside me begins…  I was trying to find pictures before I wrote it out to try to show what I am talking about..  The Serpent Kundalini, at this point, is a lovely blue and green, and gently he comes in and winds his way up my spine, no pushing hard the path has already been prepared and opened and alls I feel is this beautiful dance that comes up between my legs and twisting and winding becomes the light beam that travels sacred to my heart where comes the gentle spinning..  and what is more amazing is the fact that I can feel every nuance of the Blue and Green Kundalini Serpents skin, the movement of its dance so sacred..

in my tummy

Chasing Comet Ison dream..
November 24, 2013

I have to wonder if this wasn’t a dancing with a comet or something of that nature dream….

Had a dream I was at work and had fallen asleep in my bed when across the room I saw a girl with fair skin and short hair as black as night coming towards me.  She was zig zagging across the room (like I look to the East in the morning for the Comet and to the West in the evening) coming towards me with a smile and calling out to me like I was her friend when I awoke in my bed and realized I had fallen asleep while I was working.

I kept thinking I needed to go clock out or get back to work to make up for the time I had slept and as we were talking she said that she would take me dancing with a comet a cat sat across the street facing usthere.  I went to the door because my German Sheppard was barking.  A cat was sitting across the street facing me.  This was when I realized I was gliding along, not walking with my feet.

I went back to the girl with the short hair as black as night and fair skin and told her that I would go with her.  She was in front of me leading the way.  We went the door and when we crossed the street I noticed that my feet touched the ground to cross the street, but when we got to the other side (where the cat was) I was back to gliding along following her.

Then she ducked between some leaves and when I looked through to see dancing with a comet She had sandled feetwhere she went I saw a creek.  She was bending down and picking up pebbles that were white with pink spots in them when I realized that I wanted to follow her down there.  She had sandaled feet so I was thinking I should get my shoes on too so I could follow her.   When I told her I needed some shoes so I could follow her she came back up on the side walk and began walking back towards the house (while I glided behind her) to the place where the cat was sitting and there she crossed the road..  She laughed and said something about maybe we should race to see who got there first.

Again when I came to the road my feet touched down and I ran with her across the road, then began gliding again on the other side as we went back in the house to get me some shoes.   Inside the house I heard my granddaughter saying something to my grandson and thought, “Wow, Bridgett is in my dream” … with that I woke …  thinking about the gliding.. about the girl with the short hair as black as night (morning just before sunrise) .. the cat, Leo? ..  the way she moved towards me ..

I have had the dreams (before) in the place where the feet do not touch the ground before, but we glide.. and communicate telepathically…

Relationship Activation ~opening closed doors Steve and Barbara Rother
November 20, 2013

I wanted to share this incase there is anyone else who would be helped by this…  In this world I have found Love to be disappointing.  My last marriage ended in him dumping me out beside the road as he told me he changed his mind about wanting to be  with me..  That was in 1991, and basically I closed down my heart and promised myself that I would not let another man in..  I briefly let another man close for a few years from 96 to 2000 but it ended in disaster too as he was a junkie who just stole everything he could get from me for drugs, and basically the 3rd time the cop said, “Maam I think this man is going to kill you” I heard him.. and surrendered to the Earth who had been trying to instruct me for a long time…


So that was how I got to this last journey that lasted 2 and a half years..  with her telling me to take this path after the Kundalini awoke, so I did and at the end of the journey this man shouted across the universe his love for me.. so ending up in a relationship with him seemed to be my destiny…  ..  The part about being embraced by a mans love only lasted 4 months and then he had to go away, and I guess I should have just said good bye then, but instead I clung to the ghost of the memories and wept untold tears because I really wanted to know a long term relationship with a love that fit me, with love that shared hugging trees and loving the Earth, and doing Lightwork and being an Indian doing Lightwork so I just did not want to let go so I held on until it was ejected from my heart… so that is where I am now, ejected and rejected and trying to hold the energy of a self healed crystal…  so I have to chose paths that will lead me to the place of the quiet waters..  to the place where I can hear the Earth again because a part of me probably feels disappointed that I keep being lead down these dead end roads..  it is not the first where it seems as if I am being ejected from some place that seems to fill a longing..

So anyway, listening to this is part of my journey to self heal… and I thought I would share incase there is anyone else who needs this too…  love and blessings…  Destiny


Kundalini update ~heart chakra
November 19, 2013

thunderbird dream 02In the beginning of the Kundalini Awakening (July 2010) my heart chakra opened wide like a beam of light just pouring out.  It was triggered by something a Lakota Indian did..  I have been deprived of my Indian heritage (they walk with me on the astral plane, but on the physical plane there are no Indians around who walk like me, hug a tree, that kind of thing, see differently like I do).  Then I became friends with this man, and on the day that I met him and his fiancé in person a mighty storm blew in and to my amazement he turned towards the clouds and sang them a song…  In that moment my heart chakra opened wide and in a mighty beam of light love came out of my heart and filled me all up with Love…

After that (within 5 months)  the Kundalini Serpent began to rise between my legs. (This time it was a Sioux Indian who said he came to activate me within a purification chamber.) The Kundalini, It pushed through me hard like it was trying to burn its way up my body.  There were times when it would be like 8 hours straight, burning pushing, pulsing as if it was trying to bring me into some kind of sacred O that would feel like an emotional release.

After it had burned its way so far through my ‘outer atsmosphere’ it changed and began to pulse through me hard, like clockwork, I began to know the times that it would arrive and the times that it would leave.  It was a very super O kind of experience.  Sheer ecstasy most of the time.  Sometimes I would get to enjoying it too much and experience what I would call a blow out.  At those times it would be painful, but the Kundalini Serpent holds much wisdom on the journey, and it would come softly each day, still at the same time, to check and see how I was healing.  It would usually take a couple of weeks before I would be healed enough for it to continue its process of burning up through me..

It had the feeling of like a black hole circling hard between my legs and then it would grab something up inside of me and pull in down, which would destiny kundaliniappear to me as a mini galaxy being sucked into a black hole where it would disappear from my view.

In time it burned its way up into my 3rd chakra and that place was absolutely beautiful too.  It felt like a huge galaxy spinning and left me feeling a glow like a woman who has been emplanted with seed.  It felt like the love a woman feels when she has become pregnant..  very beautiful and a large galaxy..

It would always start between legs, the spinning, the pulsing, the pushing upward, galaxies forming and spinning in the distance before being sucked into the black hole until at last I would be taken to a state where the galaxy in my 3rd chakra would spin large for hours while felt blissfully like a woman SAMSUNGwith child..

Every upward was the movement of the Kundalini Serpent and as I watched smaller galaxies were pulled down my body and through the black hole, where they would just disappear and I could not see where they went/, until at last, by pulling off what it seemed did not serve me, it burned its way up to my heart chakra where it required a different kind of love come into me..

I have found the heart chakra the most difficult.  One day I was sitting looking at my heart chakra watching a pretty pink ballerina flower spirit dancing, spiraling and turning and the next second a huge hard bubble of energy is pushing its way through my heart chakra..  After that got released it was as if I had experienced a blow out in my heart chakra and the Kundalini Serpent backed off.  The huge pulse that had been between my legs dwindled down to lasting maybe 45 seconds each while still coming at the same time each day.  In those moments very softly I could feel the Kundalini Serpent rise softly to my heart space, move within it ever so gently, then lay down and go to sleep again…

Today, this is what I saw as I felt the Kundalini Serpent rising up to my heart…… (as I watched the spinning in my heart chakra I could see the spinning in my throat chakra and crown chakra so that it looked like this)


Chasing Comet Ison.. In the news
November 15, 2013

“Potentially Dazzling Comet ISON Now Visible to Naked Eye After Outburst!
(Directly of observation and details at the link below).
Get ready for a stellar show. The much-anticipated Comet ISON is now visible to the naked eye according to reports from many observers.
Comet ISON — the potential “comet of the century” — has suddenly brightened in an outburst of activity with just two weeks to go before it literally grazes the surface of the sun. In recent months, Comet ISON has repeatedly befuddled forecasters trying to anticipate just how bright it will ultimately become. But earlier this week, the comet’s brightening trend again seemed to sputtering and stalling, but more recent observations suggest a sudden and radical upsurge in brightness.
Read More:
I  am still chasing it…  going out in the mornings now in search because the sun goes down while I am still at work..  (this morning was cloudy so no chasey… lol)

Feeling like a girl with a new toy
November 12, 2013

All right, I have just discovered I can change my picture… and my font….  may have to do some playing around to make an expression…

In the meantime it is going very strangely with Rick….  I don’t know what happened to that boy but he is kind of acting like a horse that has been broken after 10 years of running together..

I have been thinking about that and the Twin Flames thing…  seems like the Twin Flames journey is like about a journey of looking in a mirror at yourself.. and it seems 2 people who are martyrs from long ago, unless it is agreed upon that they are gonna come in and fight for the same cause, then the possibilities of them mirroring results that take them away from each other are greater..

strange journey, only 2 and a half years, while the journey with Rick has somehow made it through 10 years..  In my research of the outer regions I am finding, like in the Big Dipper, Little Dipper scenario there are many little reflections out in galaxies..

Anyway, the deal with Rick is more like we are polar opposites..  I am the essence of purity and he is rather the opposite, but I don’t mean it in a bad way.  I just mean, he will practice deceit in the place where he chooses to practice it..  while I never try to convince anyone that my way is the way, he tries to convince everyone his way is the way…  He believes in Satan, I believe Satan is a cop out for not taking responsibility for your own feelings and responses..

We are Polar Opposites…  we have been battling each other for 10 years, and in many other lives we battled each other a lot..  He pisses me off, I leave…  but this time, now that I am back he is acting all different, like every bomb I throw at him, he just goes around it, laughs and kisses me like he is so glad I am back this time..  (I was gone away from him for a year and 3 months this time, shot off him in a fury of angry words in the heat of my Kundalini spinning, rocking me hard for 2 weeks non stop.  I just had to go away from everyone at that time) There were times in the past when he would get mad at me and think I would allow him to chew me out.  I would just stand my ground and say, “You breaking up with me Rick?”  And he would say, H*ll now, this book is too good to put down..)  so here we are now, me embittered by my latest journey, spitting fireballs at Rick, telling him don’t you use that L word with me..  and he just keeps going around the fireballs and kissing me like he is glad to see me again…

He is breaking down my resistance…


(this story is larger than just this moment..  I may chose to tell it because of its Kundalini connection)




Chasing Comet Ison, It is now visible with binoculars
November 12, 2013

This link is very good about telling how many minutes before sunrise and what direction to see Comet Ison

This link is very good for showing how to find Pisces in the sky

(((( I am hoping that if it is visible with binoculars that it will also show on my zoom camera ))))


Chasing Comet Ison, in search of the Oort Cloud
November 11, 2013

chasing comet ison to the oort cloud 00This research came because in the beginning I had read that Comet Ison came from the Oort Cloud…

So what they are saying is, our Sun is at the Center with the surrounding planets and Asteroid Belt somewhat in the middle of the planet.

 chasing comet ison to the oort cloud 01

Beyond that all the way out at the edge of our circle of planets is the Kuiper Belt.  My research says that this belt is stable and consistent in its movement and is in the area Pluto, which it turns out, is the largest object in the Kuiper Belt.  (why they called Pluto a planet once upon a time as it was large enough to be observed)

chasing comet ison to the oort cloud 02

And way out beyond that, at the farthest regions of our Suns ability to hold something in place with a gravitational influence is the place they are calling the Oort Cloud. (No one has seen the Oort Cloud as of yet, so much of what is said is speculation.  What is known is that some of chasing comet ison to the oort cloud 03the comets come directly from the Oort Cloud and it is possible others pass through the Oort Cloud in their journey…  It is said that the gravitational pull of the sun pulls the Comet (which is a large chunk of ice) towards it  and then the gravitational circle grabs hold of it and slings it back out into space if it does not all melt within the circle of the heat of the sun… which is why they believe the Comet is not going to hit Earth but instead circle around the Sun..

So in my research they say that sometimes they know the Comet come from the Oort Cloud and some, I guess they say travels through the Oort Cloud…

(((  and here is a picture I found of our location in the Milky way Galaxy from National Geographic )))