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still think of him…
May 23, 2014

I still think of him.. little sign comes and says, ‘the one who left is coming back this way” … to my grand daughter telling me I need to put the lion back in my truck …  to seeing a patient with the name Celestial…  to calling a patient and him having an English accent so strong I had to giggle…. to moving to a new house, seeing my lion sitting by the front door and knowing I will take him and find him a spot in my new world….  I still think of him..

still think of him


soft whispers of love bringing me back to life.. a Kundalini love story
May 20, 2014

new beginnings

I am feeling the soft whispers of love flowing through me…  my Kundalini has begun rocking me..  each stage feels somewhat different..

It waned there for a time barely speaking to me and when I would feel  it, it would not have any thrust behind it..

This time when it started up again it was almost hot like burning..  Mostly I just feel it is my duty (for the Earth) to observe it, and record the journey, for this is what I do.. many lives spent meticulously recording the journey.

In this burning stage I became acutely aware of how my boyfriend has no sense of romance and even pondered writing a huge piece of what it feels like to walk with a man who does not hold a romantic sense..

There was a huge burning that was traveling through my Kundalini energy.  Every time it would spin it would burn and I would contemplate more and more the feelings of first observing how it feels to never touch a sense of romance with my boyfriend..  until finally I just felt disgust over everything he said to me..  And then I found myself in a place where I wanted to withdraw from him, wanted to take a serious break..

It was as I was entering into this space that I felt the first whisperings of Nature calling to me reminding me that this is a sensual planet, feeling the excitement inside the stone body on the beach as daily that waves come and touch it…

feeling the wind wrapping itself around the blades of grass and watching them dance..

then I beheld and feel the delight of a wind spirit dancing with a maple tree, and all of the helicopter seeds shoot straight up, like a thousand butterflies all taking off at one….  fluttering as they make their journey to the new place that will be their home…

And the more I began to feel the sensual nature of the Earth, the harder my Kundalini began to burn through me until at last again I began to feel its pulse…. and I feel all in love with Nature…. again …..





Kundalini update
May 20, 2014

I saw this picture and my mind began to reflect upon this Kundalini journey.  Before the Earth brought sacred-temple-3me here to this place, there were signs that one day she would lead me here to tell me that she did this to raise my vibration to assist her ascension so that humanity could again travel by way of the place where a woman could love a Thunderbeing.. and he love her…

Years ago, when I was in my 30’s, I read an article, “Have you hugged a tree today?”  and after sacred Ceremony the tree called me to hug it.  In the exchange of energy between us, the tree download me with a great deal of information.  So much so that it was 4 days before I could sleep.

after that there came spinning between my legs one night as I lay spooned up next to my (then) husband, a small vortex of energy that plugged itself into his first chakra.  I myself enjoyed it tremendously, but he was very uncomfortable with it and would move away from me to unplug the energy..

when I look at this picture, I think of that moment, and think of this Kundalini energy spinning between my legs now which is a vortex that spins the full width of my body, and outward to plug itself into the Earth..  and I think of what it would feel like to be in a consensual way with a man and just explore that energy as most of the time I am in my Kundalini spinning now..

My Kundalini again is shifting, becoming stronger.  There for a while it was waning… and now as if excited with anticipation it is reawakening…


sacred holy is the rising…  I can still feel, through this journey the Kundalini has risen to my heart and is still working through issues there..


~ The Sacred Temple of Desire ~
May 20, 2014

Tales of Love and Light

~ The Sacred Temple of Desire ~

(To the essence of fruition and vision – that great Theme)

Sacred temple 3

Block by block, brick by brick

Is a Temple built

The hands which to mortar bind

Foundations built from the mind.

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update on my personal journey…
May 18, 2014

I am not really liking being Ricks girlfriend…  He is the most unromantic man I have ever walked this close to..  It is no wonder I journeyed 10 years with him without being in a relationship with him..  and he does not relate to my Kundalini journey at all….  I have found myself turning away from him for romance…  and back to the Earth for the feelings of romance.. to feel the wind wrap itself around a blade of grass and dance.. merging with that…  seeing and merging with all that is nature..  and not thinking in terms that a man should be wrapping his love around me..

I suppose that is a good thing to look to the Earth for my sense of romance…


Memories from before TIME..
May 8, 2014

We are gods and goddesses… here to experience more than we experienced before.. When we were in our spirit bodies, there was no such emotion known as love. we were a collective that all worked as One. Individual like we are here, and yet telepathically we were all connected, One could say, I am going over here to see this friend, and swim through the great sea until they made it there.. on their journey could see many others, could pass their spirit bodies on, one through another, feel every nuance (but now become attached like we do in this 3 d world and believe we much hold them forever in marriage, or as our children..) No, it was like we would be on our journey somewhere, pass through another, feel every nuance and travel on.. perhaps to some degree their touch on our spirit would linger on inside us for a time… perhaps these would be the ones we thought of as ‘friends’

And since there was no time who knows how long, in human terms, is would be when one would sleep over with a friend…

As it is here, so it was there, it all translates, but what we call hate is really not hate. It is 2 energies that do not blend well together, so when they touch a combustion happens and they explode away from each other with no lingering hatred carrying on just do they move away from each other…