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Rohit Arya on Kundalini Rising – the Android Helix of Dominic Elvin
September 28, 2012

Rohit Arya on Kundalini Rising – the Android Helix of Dominic Elvin.

It feels like that too.. It would seem this picture on this page is reminding me that my Kundalini Rising is DNA work also..  as gods and goddesses our DNA was much more.. well complete.. and in order for us to make the transition into these 3d bodies (so we could learn a deeper love) we had to down code our DNA to what is known as a 2 strand DNA helix..  but it was always intended that we would come and have this Earthly experience for only a time.  We planned for the time when we would awaken, and created activation points for that time (like 11:11)

I am having Kundalini Dreams.. seeing the symbols there..  then looking on this outside world I am understanding more..


Seeing this picture is having a profound effect… I have been trying to figure out this Twin Flame journey that began 2 years ago when my heart chakra did a spontaneous kundalini awakening.. after that was when I seen the twin rainbow flames.. and the million dollar fire work display (x 2)… in times that followed that the journey has been kind of confusing.. then came the times that feel like this picture.. and trying to place a human man inside the picture.. but I don’t think it is that way… In the beginning male and female we were One.. As part of our down coding we agreed to separate the 2 that existed as One and one Male and one Female to represent the 2 who walk as One and make this a world of polarities, the 2 opposites that are suppose to exist as One..

I find this picture very profound in my kundalini rising experience.. because I have felt that exact same feel…

We are all trying to get back to the place where we feel whole again..