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from yesterday to today, a Super Moon journey
July 23, 2013

Last was a Super Moon, a time when the moon is closest to the Earth and thus appears larger.. and it did… It also seemed like there were visitors amongst us…

Super Moon 072213

Last Christmas my son got me the “Pink Lady” for my necklaces, and as she stood there my grand daughter looks at her and says, “Grammy, I really like your Pink Lady with her arms out.”  So even though she is  only 5…  and really likes her bling, I got her her own Pink Lady for her necklaces and a pink shoe box to put her bling bling..

Super Moon 072213 bridgee present 2

And my Tree Lady, she seems very happy..  she seems like she has grown to me

Super Moon 072213 tree lady

Super Moon Set… this morning..  lovely  …  I was out taking pictures when I remembered to look

Super Moon 072213 moon set

A New Moon dream
December 27, 2012

122612….  I dreamed a full movie, from beginning to end..

There was this man who decided to put one of his paintings up for auction.  It was a picture of a full moon coming up over the horizon.  There were people doing ceremony to the full moon that also found ways to show through time.  In the branches of the tree you could see people through time doing ceremony to the full moon.  In the leaves of the trees, in the blades of the grasses, in the hidden faces of the flowers, in the stones standing around, in the clouds passing over: all showing through time people doing ceremony to the rising full moon.

Off in the distance, in the upper left hand corner, way way far away and distant, I could see a ship in the shape of a blow fish, an earth ship coming our way towing a huge moon sized rainbow crystal cluster behind it.  It was most unusual as it had the appearance of an Earth with its moon in tow as there was a huge chain that ran from the rainbow crystal cluster to the Earth ship.

About this time the man turns to me and tells me that he needs me to write a review as this picture is going up for auction.

I had no idea how to write a review, so I began to inquire as to how this might be done and heard the words, “Well you need to do some research”

So I set out to do some research and came across a page in a newspaper.  When opened to the center, on the left hand side there was an announcement about the auction of various paintings and below the announcement was the name of about 40 people, all of which he knew to be competitive with each other, which would in turn bring in a greater value for his painting.  Also printed on the announcement was the words, “Don’t forget to purchase traveling insurance for the art acquired at the auction.  Management takes no responsibility for lost or stolen masterpieces.”

Then off on the other side of the page there was a picture of the painting with a review that also stated it would be show-casing the auction.

I continued on with my research and found myself in a spiritual center that also  had a library.  I went and found an article on the Full Moon Ceremony, and read how through time and countless ages the people had gathered at each full moon to do ceremony.  The book showed how through all the different ages the ceremonies culminated one on top of the other until at last the final ceremony had been performed..  and then it was time to bring in a New Moon..

With this I find myself staring at the painting again and see with clearer eyes the distant Earth Ship, with its New Moon in tow, coming with its Rainbow crystal Cluster New Moon…

Then I knew it was time to write the review..




Last nights Moon
May 6, 2012