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Tree spirits and me… dreams
April 29, 2014

just woke up from a dream in which I was hunting for someone and got lost. There is someone with me but it is not the person I was looking for, he is a frien.. I was looking around trying to figure out what direction to go when I spotted a lovely white tree with gracious arms and announced that I would now go ask the tree where the person I was looking for had gone..

It was cool.. when I got to the tree I found myself in the trees apartment discussing where the person could be found, and after a little discussion she said person was at 530 Hollow which was down by the river front.. the Tree, she takes her arm, and standing behind me she points her arm in the direction, tells me to go to this corner, turn, go down to the river front and turn.. and go until I arrive at 530 Hallow……. It was really quite cool talking to this tree…


I love to dream..  I love to reflect back on my dreams, on how when I merged with the tree to ask it where the girl was I found myself in an apartment with wooden floors and wooden walls…  I love the way that then the tree spirit (or should I say one of the tree spirits, as there was more then one in the tree) was showing me the map on how to get to the River Front, she was using her arms and crooks in her arms were telling me where to turn….

Unicorn dreams
April 18, 2014

when the unicorn sings I hear chimes ringing

Oh I just woke up from the most delightful dream… I was hearing the words to the next piece I am to write… my companion, the Unicorn was there with me, singing a song of the next piece or direction I am to travel…. we were floating in the air and both of us were Unicorns… Compared to her I was like a child Unicorn, about 7 years of age and she was an adult Unicorn.. we were floating in the air like an Earth and a Sun..

I love my Unicorn journey, vision.. It began in 2008 when traveling through the ether’s I began to hear the singer of a song

singing me a song of remember when?..

Remember when we danced as gods 
across the starlit sky 
of distant galaxies 
side by side through the sands of time, 
dancing through cities of gold and emerald, 
walking through the memories of gods of old 
we watched the magic unfold, 
lay witness to half goat, half human. 
and magical nymphs and 
mermaids dancing within the waters. 
Traveling so far through my splendored journey 
Made me laugh to watch us dance with Hercules 
all the magic that was out of Time.. and larger than life.. 

slipping next to the campsite of a friend
you saw that spirit tree, so lovely,
shimmering in its lights of rainbow dance
off in the distance..

Your heart stirred,
spirit tree’s heart stirred
as you recognized the life in each other
and in the time one would think of 
as morning light
You awakened to find your spirit self
resting against the spirit tree..

With quiet reflection,
I watched as you began contemplation
of what it would feel like
to walk in a land that was solid
with the spirit tree..

Then my companion, the Unicorn, sang to me a song of time forward, how we are a collective of energy beings who vibrated as One, and there were many at the same moment who shared the same thought of wanting to come forward into a journey of walking together as solid.. we chose the story line that we were going to write, made up the rules of how we could exist together, cat people becoming cats, tree people becoming trees, a certain group of us taking our form in the human skins.. and the being who took her consciousness as the Earth, she was larger then life, floating like a whale above us as we looked quite small compared to her.. she agreed to be the body that we would have this experience upon…

the singer of the song is a Unicorn

.. Everything happens for a reason
April 17, 2014

happens for a reason 2
I once had a dream that I came to a river and as I stood there staring at the water a stone rose up so I jumped upon it.. and stood again to stare at the water. Then a second stone rose from the water, so I jumped on it.. From stone to stone I jumped until I arrived at the center of the river and this time a column rose that had a small ledge I jumped upon.. by now there was another man with me and a storm was blowing in. The water was becoming rocky and no more stones were rising for me to make a leap of faith to. The man let go and disappeared into the water, so my leap of faith this time was to let go and fall into the water where I sank down and found myself entering a room that had a storm window and a chair and desk.As I looked around the room I saw a doorway that lead deeper into the building, but about that time the earth began to shake like an earthquake and the chair and desk picked up their legs and ran in fear. and when I turned around the man, something was happening to the man, he made a leap of faith into a beam of light and morphed into his light body.. then there was a woman who made her leap of faith and the storm window broke as she did it, and she too morphed into her light body… then I knew that this was to be my next leap of faith… so I did it.. and the world changed…


This is a far journey for the girl who had this dream was almost to the place in here life where her husband of 10 years was just about to divorce her….. and the storm that would rage from his announce that he had changed his mind about wanting to be married to her was intense…


“out of Time journeys” ~Native spirituality with the Thunder People
April 3, 2014

Sometimes my ability to see through time leaves me wondering if anyone understands what I am talking about, or if these out of time pictures are just touching memories we share..

One of my “out of Time journeys” began in 2004 with a dream in which I traveled for 2-26,000 year periods singing a creation song about a place of peace in order to make an exchange with one of the sons of a Thunderbird..

In the beginning of the dream I didn’t understand the dream, but as time stretched out and I merged more and more with the Earth, following her every instruction I was lead to a place where something happened to me with the Thunder People and when I asked her why I was feeling what I was feeling, she pointed back to the dream and said it was because I was a cloud who had made an exchange with the Thunder People and that where I was at now was all a part of that continuing story.. and why I could hear them talking to me..

At the I was writing it all out in poetry…  and eventually I was taken to a place where I was shown that from that exchange (beside being a part of the cross patch clothing we dress the Earth in (with that emotion becoming a Mountain who had a River running beneath her) 7 Little Thunder Children were born to me.  There were 3 shy girls who danced in my billowing skirt and 3 boys and 1 girl, all bold with their lightning bolts and dancing behind me as I walked. 

So I continued on my journey through the passage of Time and found some 7 years later, hearing someone at the back door and when I ran to see what spirits had shown up, I opened the door to find the 3 daughters who played shyly in my billowing skirt greeting me and telling me that I was their mom..  

Behind them came the raging storm, it blew through our town with a fury and as I went out to chase them I saw my other 4 children following behind me, just like in my dream from 2004..

I have grown so much on my journey, watching these story lines and they play before me outside of time.  What I have witnessed has made me stronger in my belief that the gods and goddesses have descended down upon the Earth again to write the next part of the story..

What I remember is that our Goddess Mother who agreed to take her body into the Earth so that we could touch each other in a land that was solid, it was we who clothed her in mountains and rivers and land scapes… and I, Misty Mountain who made the exchange with Slowing Rolling Thunder River Love Song became a mountain (range) that had river that run beneath her…

Just now, I looked at this picture and wondered where on the Goddess Mother Earths body my 7 children manifested as the clothes we clothed her with..

three daughters in my billowing skirt

Places we frequent in our dreams
April 2, 2014

one thing about the dream world that I have noticed is that we will travel to the same places over and over.  Apparently I have more than one place I think of as Home..  as a home I go to.. somewhat like vacation houses Isun room suppose..  IN the  home I was living in when I awoke in the dream this morning, I have been there many times over the years.  the first time I found myself there I was standing out back looking at the steps going up to the sun room.  They were in need of repair, as was the screen on the sun room.
Over the years I went there many times, repair the stairs, the door, the screen and made the sun room back into a sun room.
From the front of the house, a long driveway in and then it sloops down, which is why the sun room, from the back seems to be on the second floor..  back in the back was a garden and a fire circle..  I have been there many times.  It is one of the houses I travel to in my dreams..  Last night I had company there…
There was another house I traveled to many times in my dream journeys..  after finding myself there for many years, I graduated and they shaved off my bangs and tattooed a golden Sun symbol on my forehead.  Later in another dream we were going to Ceremony and when I picked up a mirror I saw that I was Egyptian…
I have other houses that I travel to with consistency..  I am certain others do too…