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Water is life, journey of awakening
August 17, 2017

I got the neatest compliment from my Cranial Sacral therapist yesterday.. I have been sharing my painting journey with her so I was showing her the Galactic Soul lesson… I was like, “Look, here is my Whale and my Mermaid”… and she was like, “that is the thing about your paintings, one always has to ponder your pictures for what you have hidden within them.” … It is true.. Painted in the Whale is a man.. the mermaid is looking at him, talking to him, and the man is looking at her… they both have one arm forward in their swim…

Galactic Soul painting lesson..
with thanks #theartsherpa

I had this whole journey with a whale that dreamed me for 3 months. Every night I would fly up out of my body and go in search of the Whale song I could hear.. Swimming through the great sea, passing galaxy after galaxy.. The Whale had a message for me that the water on Planet Earth was in trouble and many creatures of the sea were dying..

In the dream/vision I did not know who was calling me to come.. I only knew that I could hear someone calling to me, and I was following the sound of the call..

Even when we connected I could not see who the person was, but we began to swim back through the great sea to Earth.. Once we arrived this person took me all across the ocean to show me how poisons were leeching up, how the ocean was being used like a trash can, and battle ships and planes and other things were being discarded there… that with time had decayed and were now leeching poisons into the ocean and many of the ocean guest were dying over it..

So what I was receiving was a distress signal….

At the end of the journey which lasted for 3 months, I found myself swimming in the ocean pondering all I had just been shown. When I turned to look back at the one who had just made the reveal I saw a Whale…..

And my heart jumped for such joy.. such love did I feel, that I began racing towards him, swimming, my heart brimming with such joy to know who had brought this message to me… then the dream went into this slow motion as I turned onto my back to circle the whale, and the space between our bellies I could feel the movement of the water…. It was so beautiful, like a feeling you never ever forget…

Water is life, manifesting a picture to go with the dream and vision of 2007
July 16, 2017

In person it is even more magical… It is an expression from vision and dream journey 2007 2008… I was down at the river when the river began to sing a song of “Are you lonely, yes I am” … Upon walking away from the song I heard another song calling to my heart. . That night in my dreams I heard the song again and coming up out of my body I swam for days, through my dreams in the direction of the song..
When I arrived I realized I at the galaxy from when come the Whale Tribe, and the on who dreamed me, began swimming with me across the great deep back towards the Earth. It took several days of dreaming to get to the Earth…
In the meantime another singer had begun to sing me a song of “Remember when? In the end of that vision, when I saw the singer of the song (which will manifest in this next great circle around the central sun that began 2012) I saw the singer of the song of Remember when? (my creation song) was a Unicorn..
When the Whale dreamed me, he brought me to planet Earth and took me swimming all across the ocean to show me the poisoned waters and to tell me the Water Tribes were dying at an alarming rate…
This is the moment I began to sing my prayers for the Water….
I am glad to finally have put a face to that journey… All who knew me back then heard me sing the song…

Mermaid Island, a spiritual retreat,
June 6, 2017


I have gone to Mermaid Island on a spiritual journey, spiritual retreat… It is the place where I lived in our passage through Lemuria.. I will be searching through time for my memories from that life…

Once we set our mind on something, it will cause the path to open before us..

and thus through my dreams and ‘seeings’ I will be be able to access memories from there…

I found myself in a dream from there this morning, but I was not able to bring it out with me…

but the thought is crossing my mind, as I swan down the corridor that we lived in the caves.. that was as much of the dream as I was able to bring out

I have a feeling the Hawk.. and the Blue Butterfly will both have appearances on this journey…. along with the water dragon with golden light in its hair…

Journey to Mermaid Island ~A Two Spirit Journey
June 4, 2017

by Destiny
Life happens… changes happen .. it is very important that we honor the changes..
the painting of this picture was a journey of discovery that all began with a mistake.. this was a mermaid lesson on line that I was painting and after getting the sun, sky and dragon stone painted I drew in the rainbow haired mermaid.. Then I noticed it was all blank to the right of her and thought, ‘well I will just add a second mermaid. Got her all outlined and I still had a 1/4th of the canvas to fill… so I thought I will put a flower in the second mermaids hair and have the limbs of a tree coming down to fill the rest of the space…
As this happened a book begin to form in my mind and the pictures I could paint in this book so I began to have a look see at the symbols the Earth was giving presently around me and saw the Honey Suckle in the Tree who came to visit me and share her message with me…..
So then I knew that in the next picture the water dragon will appear with me.. and with my love, an amazing Star Fish in her hand that she is showing me…
In the course of painting this picture I did some research to look at various mermaid head dresses and discovered that there are a multitude of Two Spirit who are Mermaids… (and they need to be part of this honoring song also)
and then today I did some research to see what a group of mermaids is called… I found, to my amazement a passage that one in 3 mermaids is infertile and will spend her life running with her sister.. or friend… or lover such as I and my Two Spirit Love who happens to be my Twin Spirit (according to the Eagles in my dream) making us born in the Womb of Creation together as Twins…
#Cheyenne #TwoSpirit #TwinSpirit

In the Womb of Creation, a Rainbow Twin Spirit Love song
April 3, 2017

Here is a love song I wrote.. to her.. to him.. to them..   to my Two Spirit Love recently… (not only is she my Two Spirit Love, she is also my Twin Spirit. That is what I heard in a dream this last January..)

In the womb of creation
we lie in in sacred dance
Our bodies yearning
and turning towards each other
with the knowing
in that moment
we had touched love
And that it was a divine energy
that would always flow between us

Oh we could come back
and be Twins again and again
or triplets with your divine
intertwining within me
But it is just so much fun
to come here and dance with you
outside the confines
of a bloodline twins
In this place where we
can be lovers true
and enjoy the pleasures
of Two Spirited you.
dancing with me
in eternal love..

while remembering
how beautiful it felt
when we danced in the
Womb of Creation
our bodies touching
in sacred bliss
knowing this was the first place
where we touched Love..
knowing that this is where
we experienced
our first kiss.

Love Destiny and Shining Star

In the place where we stand is the place where we should sing from

We are Divine
June 28, 2016


We are so much more than we remember

I have this place where I dream. I don’t know if I am a Star or a Galaxy, but I remember, in my dreams, I travel there with frequency..

In my dream this morning I was standing in my yard watching the goings on around me. I could see that I had this place where I parked my vehicle that was actually in the driveway of my neighbors yard.

I could see the comings and going of my neighbor. One of my neighbors was standing in my yard, in the place where I park my vehicle. He was standing there, without moving staring into space.

Then as I am watching the ghost man passes through my yard, and when I look back over to the man who was staring out into space another man was standing there with the space man. He appeared to be doing something equivalent to rubbing after shave on the the spacemans face.

Then the spaceman faded and the man began rubbing the ‘after shave’ on his own face. He did it in very slow circular movement. Inside his movements I could see a galaxy spinning… When he saw me staring at him, “It feels very good you know” I told I could sense that in his movements..

Then when I walked back over to my house to go back inside I glanced back at the path the Ghost Man had taken through my yard and saw, off in the distance, a cluster of children, of various ages coming towards us..

It was when I saw the children coming, in the cluster of stars shining bright in my sky that I realized I was in the place where I am a Galaxy, alive and living a life very much like a human does.. only time is different…

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Giants in a world of little people
June 19, 2016

I feel so small beneath you
My feet reaching through the soil
To touch youYour song


and takes back through time, back to the place where once you hovered in the great expanse.  Even there in your rainbow pulsing energy you looked like the beings we came to know as Trees inside our human shells.
You are beautiful and magnificent.  I feel so small beneath you..  and yet … protected by you
smal beneith you

Living within a spiral world, loving a Two Spirit
June 7, 2016

I will tell you something that ringing its song inside my heart right now..  Life is a circle, a spiral really..  visions from the age of 12, when I come to understand why I discover it is a circle.. and a spiral all at once for now I am 60 years old and the world has spun itself into a new world for me.

I always wondered why I was given 2 visions when I was 12 years old.  In one, my mother from 13 generations ago came to instruct me on how to walk through a world that was solid.  She said in all ways I was to merge with the Earth.  From there I spread my wings and stretching out across the land, through time, I became a warrior opening up the path for the Indigenous Peoples of the Earth for they are the Keepers of the Planets that support Life.  So I sang my songs and made my prayers and watched through Time as the People again began to rise.

In the second vision I was taken to my Home world and saw that my mission to the Earth had been accepted by the Elder Council.  Then my husband sweeps in like Sun standing over me holding me as a planet while I dance around him.  He is saying that his mission too to Earth has been accepted and is showing me where our paths will join in mission…  then the door closed…  and it felt like I was forever in search of why I was given the second vision.

Inside my dreams there was always someone walking with me, sometimes I could see it was a man, sometimes it would be a girl and she would be telling me where we were going and what it would look like.. and feel like.  In my dreams I fought against loving her.  My earthly body had been programmed to believe that as a girl my destiny could only be matched with a boy..

and yet now here stand I, dancing sacred around my Sun.. my love ..  Two Spirits .. discovering that in the completion of the circle, which in reality is a spiral, I have come to a second mission..

To sing my song, my creation song, to sing a new world into being, within the Heavenly Host of Singers who have come to sing the new world into being.  I must walk into the new world to open the open the path..

and now I can see why the Ancients changed my name to Destiny

once I had come into the time of the Second Mission..

the mission of singing into being

a world that embraces

Two Spirits

who walk as One.

2EaglesWalmart110611_Destiny 062813

Honor me with Anime… It is a prayer from me to you
September 20, 2015

I am old now and have spent my life cultivating the placement of the written word..  I would love to see the beauty I have seen in my dreams and visions brought to life in anime..
In one I was walking through an enchanted cave when a young white unicorn ran past me with laughter that rang out like a 9 year old..  I turned to follow the direction from whence it came and found myself staring ahead at 4 young children standing together, staring across the road talking to each other.  There were 3 girls who had the longest blondest whitest hair and the 4th was a boy with curly red hair.  . I walked over to see what they were looking at and when I got next to them I saw that they had collars around their necks and had been tied to a post.  ..  I asked them, “Who did this to you?”  They pointed across the dirt road to a saloon and said that their owner was in there…  I awoke realizing they were horses..
In another one that last 3 months a singer began to sing me a song of remember when..  we passed backwards through time, my companion and I, past Hercules, then we headed out for the stars..  drifting on through space I saw up ahead an old friend sitting by his fire so I went to sit by him for a spell.  Off to the side, there was a beautiful pulsing light being, reminiscent of what a tree looks like on Earth..  I curtseyed to show honor then sat with me friend and watched his fire with him..
After a time I fell asleep and I awoke I found the light being who looked like a tree had shimmered over to me and I was now resting against it..  In that moment I conceived the idea the idea that I wanted to experience a world that was solid where we could touch each other..  The call went out to the others who were thinking the same thought, and after a while we had gathered to make the blueprint and plans to submerge ourselves into a world that was solid.  There were those that excelled at this and those that excelled at that.  I was a creation singer, able to hold the same resonance for thousands of years.. there were others who determined how we could all do this, determined the rules for how we could all sustain each other..  determines the rules for how we would find our way back to a higher vibration using activation codes (like 11:11)..
The story, too long to sing here, ended in the moments when I was about to go under the veil..  with my companion telling me that he could not go with me there, but would meet me on the other side..  Then I found myself in a tunnel that glowed with a magical mist.  Each mist particle was a bubble that when I drew close to it I would be able to see a life I had lived while under the veil.  Then I feel a great pulling.  A light opens up ahead between to bushes and the trees, and I can hear the singer of the song singing to me.  It is my companion who traveled with me all along and just I burst through into the life, there stands the Singer.. a Unicorn .. who says, “Hello Celeste”
In another one I have my consciousness as a planet.  I can stare out into the sky and see the surrounding villages.  Forgiveness is merging with the who hurt us.  I learn this lesson through the snake..  In time, as I watch I see marauders on their horses galloping towards our village.  I see them tearing through the other villages, raping and plundering.. then they gallop into ours and one penetrates me and wounds my body…  I must merge with him in order to forgive him .. so I a sent on a Rite of Passage to a planet called Earth.  She is a life sustaining planet every form of species imaginable has come to live upon her body.  She is the manifestation of a gracious hostess.  There is one species that abuses her, and yet there is no malice inside of her for them..  Then I am back seeing through the eyes of the planet I am.
The marauder who penetrated me is old now and on his deathbed dying, while I am still young..  I am pregnant with the child seed he laid within me and I am about to give birth to a new world..  I am about to become a life sustaining planet….
(and what I witnessed was the colliding of 2 galaxies)

We are Creation Singers
April 9, 2015

frozen in time

Oh she is so beautiful.. walking in the caravan…  the image of her doing that frozen (so to speak) in time…

She is a part of the legends of old, stories that were passed from generation to generation..  her part in the creation story..

Her days are old to us.. but she does not see that.. time is so elongated to her that she is merely taking one step to the next..  she is the reason the Indigenous Peoples of the Earth urge us not to take dynamite and destroy her..  or damage her journey..

We who sang the creation songs of old, whose history unfolded into the clothes the Earth wears..  here stand we again…  legendary amongst the stars stand we singing our creation song for the next great circle that has come to be a part of us..

The singers whose songs are pure, their songs will go forth to make the pure waters, the rivers and streams of pure water in the next great circle around the central Sun..

and just like my song is long and continuous flowing and is different than others..  so too shall the flavor of my waters be different than others….

We are the gods and goddesses of old…  whose songs formed the world we came to know..  and will form the world we come to know.. again..