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January 6, 2020

dream too

Stone people dreaming me ~a seed pod dream
December 27, 2013

I am on the same quest I have been on since I was 12 when I received the instructions that I was to merge with the Earth in all ways.

Somehow we have come into a journey through caves, to looking through the eyes of the Stone People.  They speak to me through my dreams..seed pod dream 1

Yesterday some more came to live with me, and they instantly began talking to me through a series of dreams that lasted all night…  I was dreaming I was at home, inside the cave, Which I knew I was inside the cave because when I came to the 2 cave entrances I took the one on the left.  All was going as expected when all of a sudden a man on his chariot comes flying through and we all scatter away from him..

Then I find myself in another dream that is action packed an involves a man who is running.  Suddenly he jumps upon his chariot and races away from us.  I follow him as he is kind of blazing a trail when he comes to the edge of the cave.  It has a feel that is equivalent to when we believed that the world was flat and if you went to the edge you would just fall off.  He shot out the cave hole and the only thing to catch him was the clouds he was passing through…  But wait!  He is traveling forward with such strength and such gusto that he makes it to the other side, which I discover is the seed pod dream 2entrance to my cave, to the one I entered into in the first dream.. and this time when he pushed through, riding on his chariot I am in a space down below, and looking up I recognize I already dreamed this…. and that I was being shown where he came from how he came to be in our world..

Later, I found myself in another dream, seemed this one must have been a crystal cluster dream.  There was this guy and he seemed rather attracted to me.  Kept hanging really close and it seemed he was convinced that it was our destiny to be held together in an intimate way.

I was feeling rather shy about it in the beginning.  Then when I finally consented to our being held together in an intimate way I gave him a green card that signaled I would be with him in an intimate way.  Our houses were next door to each other so he took me into his house, to the place where the silver metal (lithium?) ran beneath the water.  It was picture perfect and clean.

Suddenly there was a noise outside.  He disappeared, to go do something and I found myself back in my room that was now adjoining his room.  Then his parents walk through the door and sense I have been there.  So they come over to my door and come into my space as I am standing in the place where the silver metal runs beneath the water.. I tell them that him and I have joined together, but I am thinking, “You live with your parents?”  ….   LOL   ….

Later, I arrive at another dream.  We are astronauts and are getting ready to go on a mission.  When I come into the dream we are taking our places in the space pod, the 4 of us, like in the dream before.  Now I realize that they are not really his parents, but our comrades.  (perhaps what would be expressed as our higher selves traveling with us as companions would..  They go every where with us.)

We seem to be strapped in for take off, but right after that I kind of break free and am floating around inside the space pod, bumping into him so that he too becomes not held so tight within the space pod..

I am feeling very happy as I float around, touching softly against him, loosening him so that he is not so attached to the pod.  I have this feeling of eternal love and joy inside of me, this feeling that even if I was to become separate from the pod and fly off to some distant land to make the new happening I was sent to create (as I feel like I am a seed pod) …  I have this feeling of joy inside of me that where ever I end up. Where ever I plant my seed is the exact place I am supposed to be…  Now I am flying free inside the space pod..  and he is watching me… Softly I bump into him and watch our spark…

Comet Ison and Native Spirituality
November 30, 2013

In our Native Spirituality this is the way that we dance.. our stories that we pass from generation to generation come from moments, just like this journey of watching Comet Ison in her race to again circle in dance around the Sun .. and following my dreams that she showed me..  and then their dance in sacred union in which he took from her, her lace..

I do believe that she told me that she came here to do ..  it is hard to explain..  but I believe that the white with pink pebbles in the stream (in the dream) was her showing me in them making love she released her seeds..  like a great divine pregnancy (but not like a human pregnancy, like the spark of life when 2 opposites share a union..  He is fire and she is Ice)..  I can’t explain it because I was not exactly expecting to see them kiss and for him to remove her clothes as she circled him..  I did not expect to see that they made love, but now that I have seen that I am remembering her showing me the stream of water in which there were the white pebbles with pink in them that like the size of seeds (Jack and the Bean stock size, like 1 to 2 inch seeds, pebbles worn smooth with the water)…  (this might manifest on the Earth as a new breed of animal being born, or something)

In Native Spirituality, in our stories Ison’s circle around the sun reminds me of this story..  This story is different.. and yet made of the same kind of sacred journey…

the kiss comet ison

A Cheyenne Legend ~ Falling Star

One day  in the long ago, two young girls were lying on the grass outside their  tipi on a warm summer evening. They were looking up into the sky,  describing star-pictures formed by their imaginations.

“That is a pretty star. I like that one,” said First Girl.

“I like that one best of all–over there,” Second Girl pointed.

First Girl pointed to the brightest star in the sky and said,

“I like the brightest one best of all. That is the one I want to marry.”

continued here:

Chasing Comet Ison dream..
November 24, 2013

I have to wonder if this wasn’t a dancing with a comet or something of that nature dream….

Had a dream I was at work and had fallen asleep in my bed when across the room I saw a girl with fair skin and short hair as black as night coming towards me.  She was zig zagging across the room (like I look to the East in the morning for the Comet and to the West in the evening) coming towards me with a smile and calling out to me like I was her friend when I awoke in my bed and realized I had fallen asleep while I was working.

I kept thinking I needed to go clock out or get back to work to make up for the time I had slept and as we were talking she said that she would take me dancing with a comet a cat sat across the street facing usthere.  I went to the door because my German Sheppard was barking.  A cat was sitting across the street facing me.  This was when I realized I was gliding along, not walking with my feet.

I went back to the girl with the short hair as black as night and fair skin and told her that I would go with her.  She was in front of me leading the way.  We went the door and when we crossed the street I noticed that my feet touched the ground to cross the street, but when we got to the other side (where the cat was) I was back to gliding along following her.

Then she ducked between some leaves and when I looked through to see dancing with a comet She had sandled feetwhere she went I saw a creek.  She was bending down and picking up pebbles that were white with pink spots in them when I realized that I wanted to follow her down there.  She had sandaled feet so I was thinking I should get my shoes on too so I could follow her.   When I told her I needed some shoes so I could follow her she came back up on the side walk and began walking back towards the house (while I glided behind her) to the place where the cat was sitting and there she crossed the road..  She laughed and said something about maybe we should race to see who got there first.

Again when I came to the road my feet touched down and I ran with her across the road, then began gliding again on the other side as we went back in the house to get me some shoes.   Inside the house I heard my granddaughter saying something to my grandson and thought, “Wow, Bridgett is in my dream” … with that I woke …  thinking about the gliding.. about the girl with the short hair as black as night (morning just before sunrise) .. the cat, Leo? ..  the way she moved towards me ..

I have had the dreams (before) in the place where the feet do not touch the ground before, but we glide.. and communicate telepathically…

Chasing Comet Ison.. In the news
November 15, 2013

“Potentially Dazzling Comet ISON Now Visible to Naked Eye After Outburst!
(Directly of observation and details at the link below).
Get ready for a stellar show. The much-anticipated Comet ISON is now visible to the naked eye according to reports from many observers.
Comet ISON — the potential “comet of the century” — has suddenly brightened in an outburst of activity with just two weeks to go before it literally grazes the surface of the sun. In recent months, Comet ISON has repeatedly befuddled forecasters trying to anticipate just how bright it will ultimately become. But earlier this week, the comet’s brightening trend again seemed to sputtering and stalling, but more recent observations suggest a sudden and radical upsurge in brightness.
Read More:
I  am still chasing it…  going out in the mornings now in search because the sun goes down while I am still at work..  (this morning was cloudy so no chasey… lol)

Chasing Comet Ison, It is now visible with binoculars
November 12, 2013

This link is very good about telling how many minutes before sunrise and what direction to see Comet Ison

This link is very good for showing how to find Pisces in the sky

(((( I am hoping that if it is visible with binoculars that it will also show on my zoom camera ))))


Chasing Comet Ison, in search of the Oort Cloud
November 11, 2013

chasing comet ison to the oort cloud 00This research came because in the beginning I had read that Comet Ison came from the Oort Cloud…

So what they are saying is, our Sun is at the Center with the surrounding planets and Asteroid Belt somewhat in the middle of the planet.

 chasing comet ison to the oort cloud 01

Beyond that all the way out at the edge of our circle of planets is the Kuiper Belt.  My research says that this belt is stable and consistent in its movement and is in the area Pluto, which it turns out, is the largest object in the Kuiper Belt.  (why they called Pluto a planet once upon a time as it was large enough to be observed)

chasing comet ison to the oort cloud 02

And way out beyond that, at the farthest regions of our Suns ability to hold something in place with a gravitational influence is the place they are calling the Oort Cloud. (No one has seen the Oort Cloud as of yet, so much of what is said is speculation.  What is known is that some of chasing comet ison to the oort cloud 03the comets come directly from the Oort Cloud and it is possible others pass through the Oort Cloud in their journey…  It is said that the gravitational pull of the sun pulls the Comet (which is a large chunk of ice) towards it  and then the gravitational circle grabs hold of it and slings it back out into space if it does not all melt within the circle of the heat of the sun… which is why they believe the Comet is not going to hit Earth but instead circle around the Sun..

So in my research they say that sometimes they know the Comet come from the Oort Cloud and some, I guess they say travels through the Oort Cloud…

(((  and here is a picture I found of our location in the Milky way Galaxy from National Geographic )))


Comet Ison ~sprinking us with fairy dust
November 7, 2013

I love this guy (so much of what he says are things the Earth has already told me, not this what I am sharing but the part of the Asteroid belt having life forms on in it..  Part of my Kundalini journey was when the Earth was telling me that she needed me to make this Kundalini journey, right when it was reaching the ‘frinzy of feeling like I was being touched by multiple lovers’ she said, “We are now going to pass through the Asteroid Belt..  and that was when I entered into the time when it felt like I was being touched by multiple lovers passing through my sacred V, some male some female.. I love hearing the Group talk about the life forms that are in the Asteroid Belt..  because when the Earth called that part of our Kundalini Journey passing through the Asteroid Belt I thought for sure we were passing through the Astral Belt, where all the Astral travelers go..  so with the Groups words I feel, “yes, there are life forms living in the Asteroid Belt”  It is nice for me to see others who have seen that)…..

I found this information at: They are talking about Comet Ison..  and what it will do…  and again they speak of it as a living entity…  I love that…

He says the group says Comet Ison is carrying a tremendous amount of star seed material, that Comet Ison is coming here to sprinkle us with faiy dust, with star dust, the seeds of life and introduce new life forms onto Earth..

He says the group says these comets are coming in to bring in new life forms.  They say that much of science now agrees that life was planted here through comets, that they bring the needed amino acids to seed new life..

They says the seeds are in the dust trail .. that on Thanksgiving day, November 28th Comet Ison will be sprinkling us with Fairy Dust…..

I think I will be watching…  Here is a projected view I found of what it will look like:

project view as Comet Ison circles the sun

and O by the way 🙂

cherokee proud

Galaxies are people too
October 30, 2013

arp 78

I think looking at a galaxy as a person can best describe how we are all One within a collective whole…

as all of our movements

within the collective whole

make up the


and being

of the collective whole

known as a


it is quite lovely

Chasing Comet Ison
October 15, 2013


When I look at this picture I am awed on the vastness of space.  The comet is near mars headed for its circle around the sun and is traveling some 47,000 miles an hour and they believe it will circle the sun on December 26th.. which means it still has 2 months and 10 days to travel before beginning the journey that will take it back away from us..

And this is just our little section of our Milky Way Galaxy..  which it is said takes 26,000 years to make one rotation around it..

and we are in just one galaxy in Universe

in which they have so far






what a dance!

sky full of galaxies

(I am dancing with my sister again)

mermaids 101513

(I’m going to have to get me some mermaids for my garden)