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Dreams: the Universe as People
March 24, 2015

I love to dream….  When I was 12 the creed was given to me that I was to merge with the Earth in every way.  The merging is so real that I see myself in the place of the merging as if it is happening to me and become one with the moment…

This morning I woke up in a dream that I have spent the whole day looking at it with my new eyes..

In the dream I was in my vehicle driving down the road when up over the horizon came first the head of a very tall man..  then his shoulders, then down his arm, his waist his tummy, his torso and down his legs.He was on a great walk, his strive long, determined, proud.  He walked right into the town up ahead and whoever happened to be on his path he just picked them  up, and kept on with his stride until he disappeared from sight.

There was some kind of passage through time, suspended animation, my movements spinning and twirling as I was traveling down the road, this time looking forward in the direction I was traveling in, I saw again the first movements of his head coming over the horizon.  Then his shoulders, down his arms to his waist, his tummy, down his legs, still making his great strides down his path.

Up ahead of me, on the same highway I was travel another vehicle was scurrying down the road..  then the great Walker,  his circle bent until he was headed for the vehicle..

I just sort of projected my consciousness forward so that I could see into the vehicle and found myself in a town..  and the Great Walker was walking though, as people were scurrying to get out off of his path knowing that with one swoop, he would pick them up and gobble them down…

All day long I pondered this, looking with my new eyes to see where we were in the universe and thought the Great Walker must be like a constellation..  and we were miniature galaxies…  or something like that….    I actually think that the first town he walked through and the second town were one in the same, and that it was I who was traveling at the slower rate so that  he was always intersecting with that town but my orbit was different…