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Planet dreams, the arrival of the Tuber babies
December 27, 2014

When I was 12 I found myself staring into the face of a flower when a portal opened up and I found myself staring into the face of a beautiful Indian woman. she came and instructed me, that in every way I was to merge with the Earth…So in my dream this morning I had to go to class, and while I was there thetubers eye teacher handed me a flat of babies wrapped in blankets and asked me if I could take care of them…

… later in the dream I found I was carrying around a flat of flowers and thinking I really needed to get them in the ground,  So I dug up tuber babies Jerusalem-artichoke-tuber-001some garden space and was trying to plant them, It was hard to find their roots to place them in the soil so I kind of picked up the flowers and looked beneath them and saw that they were tubers…. wrapped in blankets just like the babies I had been given earlier…  as a matter of fact, I think they were the babies I had been given earlier..


We are mystical magical beings, work of arts in progress..  We are the ones Tuber dream 51D9oCa0YmLof old who the most sacred of stories were told, who later appeared in the songs and legends the Tribes sung about…  A transformation is taking place within me and it is showing up in my dreams..  I am being prepared to take my consciousness into being a life sustaining planet…  I am feeling that is why the horses appeared as children..  and these babies were actually plants..

There is a vision from a long time ago, in my 20’s,  when I was receiving the ‘forgiveness’ instructions..  I remember our Village and how we moved in our work..  remember how we could take our consciousness and talk to anyone in our Village, how I was an Earth, and my mother a Moon (controlling my ebb and flow, instructing me on the ebb and flow..

I remember looking out and seeing other Villages going about their daily business..  Then came the ‘marauders’ blazing through our sky, and burning through my atmosphere, I was impregnated..

In my youth I thought this was a most horrible fate..  but in my dreams, since being told that I had arrived at my Destiny..  it feels like these dreams are saying that in the place where I had my consciousness as a planet…  Crystal People are with me… and the Horse Children have arrived and the Tuber Babies are growing..

It is possible for planets to take human form…  and dream of what is taking place upon their Earthen bodies in their absence..

tubers dahlias_fog

the Dance of Change
December 7, 2014

I look at this fog and see beauty..  and I see that a great change has come over me..  years ago I could see no value in the fog.  It was an inconvenience upon my path and I would drearily trudge along through while missing the beauty of the suns light..

Then I had a dream that lead me down a new path..  sometimes we can have dreams and it is only later that we realize that pivotal moment changed everything..  that dream it was that dream that brought me to a new way of seeing..

In the dream I found myself..  and found that we are the people who live inside the clouds..  We are conscious people walking around having whole stories outside the ‘human’ timeline..  Sometimes we descend down upon the Earth to take a walk about amongst the ‘humans’….  some of them are able to see us … so we talk to them..  sometimes we incarnate into a human body…

So here I stand, in this place now, and when the fog descends..  I dance..