My life as a Fairy Tale, on the other side of the black hole

my Life as a fairy tale_other side of the black hole

Once she got to the other side of the black hole she discovered it was a whole new world. Most of him stayed on the other side and did not follow her through. However there was a part of him who came with her, the part of him that was inside her heart so that every second of the day he was with her still, but it was like in the dream she had of him with his rainbow friend who traveled with him everywhere. It was like that. He was like that small part of her that she took everywhere and she still believed that his movements across her sky brought with it the rise and fall of the tides that held her in place and made her world to spin.

Together they formed a whole universe, constellations that held galaxies in place. And inside this dance they had played every form of sacred romance. She had danced with him everywhere taking on many forms in their never ending love story. In this place where they were now she was his Earth and he was her Moon

my Life as a fairy tale  other side of the black hole

And as she slips into the rhythm of this new world, looks out upon her sky, always speaking to him in her mind, telling him how much she loves him inside their sacred dance, she decides that it is time to explore the sacred stones in this new world, lay her body next to them in sacred sleep and see what dreams they give her..

FLUORITE Dark Blue Wand Crystal

…there was this part of her that thought about how nice it would be if he was to create a special place, like she, to sing the songs of his ebb and flow in this new world…..

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