person of nobility dream

July 30, 2013

I woke up inside a dream in which I was looking at a writing, much like one would look at the inside of an invitation.  It said (something like):

“On November 18 you will be asked to participate in a”  .. some kind of ceremony.. ?sacrament? .. “in which you will say yes.  While participating you will become aware of an energy that feels discordant so you will raise a’ .. ?riot? .. trying to raise the goddess again.  In the 18th Century you will be a person of nobility who will be remembered in the years to come for your courageous acts.”

With this I find myself staring at a picture

of a lovely young woman

who is wearing a crown like pictured.  It has white pearls running up it arms holding a huge red ruby. . only it was somehow fuller, like this picture is the princess version.  My drawing of it looks more like a cap, whereas it looked more fuller like a crown.  I had black, kind of wavy curly hair.

person of nobility dream, crown

All time is happening at once,
with paralleling intersections’
we meet through the strange line
that we call “Time”

In reality there is no time

for time is happening all at the same time.  All of our lives intersect and parallel and touch each other.. are all like cells upon our Higher Selves who wished to experience a human connection.  Too large are we to put ourselves into just one body, so we shot our cells, each one existing as in a human body, across the dimension known as time to experience lives that paralleled…

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