the Wisdom Keeper Dream

072313You must honor your discipline_the vine 3

In my dream I found myself listening to the words of a Wisdom Keeper. The first words I heard were,

“You must honor your discipline.”

(with this I heard the first beep of my alarm as if to say something as simple as an alarm clock could be ‘your discipline’)

The second thing I heard was,You must honor your discipline_the vine

“What if the rope you believed you were climbing up, in reality was actually traveling down?”

with this I saw myself climbing like a giant bean stock. Then the picture kind of reversed, like in a video and I could see myself upside down ward. As if to make the point a book fell off the shelf and began falling to the ground which was nowhere in sight so it looked as though it was traveling towards the clouds…

….. I kind of wanted to stay there a while longer and keep listening to the Wisdom Keeper’s words, but it felt like waking up holding a dream and watching it disappear into aYou must honor your discipline_the vine 4 mist and with the sound of the alarm going off I was not able to bring the 3rd set of words from the Wisdom Keeper out of the dream with me..

2 Responses

  1. Could it be that you first have to ponder upon the first two a bit longer?
    I, for one, do, for the second set of words made me catch my breath.

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