Dream Journey of Twin Flames ~A Two Spirit One Cheyenne Indians prayer

LoL… this is so funny seeing this in the light of this is happening in my physical world now…  the truth is “There is no time”  time is just something we created to give ourselves a line upon which to walk, but really the past is the future and the future is the past. It all winds and wraps around and intersects at different points and its use is to give us a line upon which to walk…
So this dream of 2000 comes true today.. with new eyes I see it and can alter how it feels.
You have brought me down such a journey, first coming to me as a man with a lions roar that many times I ran away from until you came to me as a woman..  and this time, having been purified by the Kundalini, I followed you…
I followed you where you began to weave for me your magic tale of revealing in your Cheyenne bloodline you are woman, you are man.  And as woman you called unto my heart for the surrender of my love to that, which in this life, I have not known..
This path was divinely led by the great Mother, twas the path she told me to take with you, when she had me to cut off my braid, the Indian Medicine, and give it to you she knew I would always honor that medicine in whatever path I was lead to take with you..
So here I have stood, sacred inside this medicine circle, giving my love to a woman.. and proclaiming my love for you to my friends..
and what do you do, but put your prayer for the Earth upon your man picture..  knowing that I will never be able to resist.. a prayer should be shared.. so that its power will grow
Prayer for Earth
So I go to you and ask permission to share your prayer…  and with the Lions roar, you say “yes!’
And here I stand having declared my love for a woman… with you inside the body of a man..
The dream has come true..
This is why to the Cheyenne Indians you are Sacred Medicine to them…
In a dream a Cheyenne Chief (with his Troupe) came to me in a dream, stood at the foot of my bed and said they are searching for their Two Spirit Ones who got lost in the journey of the last 500 years..  That dream was last week..
My love does not so much speak in words as they speak in pictures that I must stare at and key to Lakota hearttranslate…  On Friday you put for me a picture of the key to your heart lying in the Grand Canyon..  and then you showed me a picture of you as a woman sitting in the same area of the Grand Canyon playing your flute..
This this morning I was dreaming that you were saying that there was more you wanted to say to me but there were still 3 openings that had to be made..  I saw boxes waiting to be opened and key to the red heart..
We are paralleling universes and time is an illusion.  It is not what it seems for it was the Grand Canyon that was the place of my vision when I was 12 and staring into the face of a flower I found myself staring  at a most beautiful Indian woman as she made honor to the setting sun..  Then she took me into her Village and began to teach me how to walk through this world of the 3rd Dimension by only asking the Earth for instructions on how to walk..
Then when I was 28 and feeling very very lost I asked for a sign that my prayers were being heard..  and again I found myself in vision, in the area of the Grand Canyon while overhead the sound of Eagle calling out that my prayers were being heard..
So here stand I, with my Eagle.. In sweet release I  make my echoing pray inside the Grand Canyon and ask the Great Eagle to go let the Cheyenne Chief in my dreams know that I have their Two Spirit One living with me…
This here is my honoring song to reunite my Cheyenne Twin Flame with the Cheyenne Chief who came to me in my dream..

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