The Real Revolution is the Evolution of Consciousness
September 12, 2016

By the time I was 15 I was already some years into the Indian visions. One day, while sitting in the physical Church, I stood up out of my body and began looking through time. I was a beautiful Indian Maiden (looking like my Grandmother in her youth)
As I looked around I could hear the thoughts of the people, or should I say, I could see the thoughts of the people, coming up out of their heads and I could see like thoughts would join with like thoughts. From there a collective of energy would be formed, that would take on a life of its own, and from there the world that we knew was being formed..
As we thought it, so would it become…

Love songs for a Cheyenne Two Spirit
May 10, 2016

To my Cheyenne Two Spirit One

I look at our journey and sometimes I think how can I find a greater expression of my love for you.  Your song plays inside of me all of the time.  Your journey plays inside of me all of the time.  The honoring that you make, I see it so deeply, I feel it so strong.  You walk in 2 worlds, the outside world and the inside world, honoring both.

It is my love for you that brings up this dedication, that brings into the light of the new day the honoring of this path for all the Two Spirits and the journey of honoring they must make to honor both worlds that walk with them.

I think of you all the time, think of how I could be a better expression as a person who opens pathways to new worlds of my love for you.  On the outside you stand in your man spirit protecting the sacred feminine one who walks within you.  Hers is a world of grace and beauty.  So softly she touches me and pulls my longing inside of her heart while on the outside he wraps his arms around us both and protects our gentle love

Native lovers

Everything you do is so meticulously placed to represent a place of honoring within you..  I look at the dream catchers you made, the careful placing of the masculine and divine feminine.

I look at the pictures you send me, always placing the sacred male and divine feminine in sacred union with each other and I see so much more..

One could look at those pictures and just see you and I, but no it is so much more.  I am the equation that has been added to the equation that was already there.  I am like the shelter inside your storm, the storm of the sacred Two of you, he who protects her and she who walks so softly inside of him

Two Spirits, One Dance (you tube)
March 20, 2016

.  .  .

“Two-spirit” is how some Native Americans describe people whose gender identity doesn’t fit as strictly male or female. Meet Ty DeFoe, who’s using traditional dance to take this gender identity back from the negative connotations established during colonization.

Ty  DeFoe

.  .  .

(I am learning a new way to express myself with my Two Spirit Twin Flame..  

“Transcending gender”)

Inside my dreams

does she walk with me


as man


as woman

Hold back the dawn ~ Robbie Robertson
October 23, 2013

Kundalini, Dance of Light
October 8, 2012

In the swirl of this Kundalini dance of many points activating, and dancing and taking me higher.. and higher..  I feel it inside my tummy tender, the energy rising, excited by the breath, by the movement of the tummy as it breathes. 

I think if it feels this yummy when the energy dances down below, slowly rising, what will it feel like when it passes through my heart..  Will I feel like I have been laid out upon a bed of silk?

It is very hard to put into words what this feels like when there is no physical man that  can be seen swirling and twirling my kundalini chakras and meridian points.. 

But I can feel every nuance of this dance, be it to the left or the right or dead in center.. to the back to the front I can feel this spiral dance. sometimes strong, sometimes weak.  Sometimes I can feel it traveling up inside to a depth of 12 inches,  sometimes I can feel it all the way to the top of my head..

Sometimes I just want to sing, “Lets get it on” .. even though there is no one there that I can see making the spinning take place inside of me.. I feel like a girl who is sparkly lit by diamonds like, as if the place where the invisible rays of the sun touch the water to make it sparkle is the place where I am in this kundalini dance.

Why would I share this?  I am, what some call the Native American Indian.  At a very young age I received the instructions that i was to merge with the Earth, that she would guide my footsteps in my walk here.  I have merged with her in every place she has instructed me to merge with her, even to the point of coming into the realization that they are the Two who Walk as One, I have merged with her, even though she has been the primary one who speaks to me.

So we were going along.  I was merging with her in all the places she said to merge, when our energy began to expand to include her aura field.  Then she began to tell me that we were now going to pass through the asteroid belt (this is where the Kundalini force began to rise strong within me.  In this place the Kundalini has a life of its own.  She told me to just enjoy it.)

She told me that I needed to raise my vibration in this way to assist her/him in raising their vibration for the ascension we are undergoing back to the place where we are not so solid, like we were before, as shown in our stories when a Thunderbeing could marry an Indian girl..  when a child could be adopted into the a Clan of Wolves and be raised by wolves and all the animals could speak to us and we could hear them.  She told me that there are others like myself who are raising their vibration (that we are like a web of light beings surrounding the Earth like a fisherman’s net, our purpose to help her raise her vibration so that they can ascend up into their lighter bodies again)  She told me that there would be others coming behind us, joining in, strengthening the web of light and love we are  using together to uplift her and him..

So I share this for my Indian Family.  This Kundalini Awakening can make one feel a little crazy..   so I share it for anyone who needs to know that someone else passed this way also..  It was always intended that we would only submerge ourselves into the heavier more dense bodies for a time…

His love ran beneith her
October 3, 2011

There was this one, and he sounded just like a long long long drawn out river love song traveling across the earth. And every time he would reach this one place, he would disappear under the mountain.. I would wait so softly, laying there in my tipi, as he traveled beneath the mountain and on the other side, again he would re-emerge, to hear his river love song playing again..

I laid there for hours listening to him sing that song before he finally passed over the 2 mountains I was laying between….

Juan Light Thunder Form
September 18, 2011

Last night, within my dream,

I stood within the space between,

twas dark and without light.

And as I stood there looking around inside

the space between,

I thought I’d ask,

“What’s your name?”

And without form,

his form moved all around me,

adjusting within the non space

he did encompass me

as if to answer

just because

who would think to ask

the name of one who walks without form.

Then I hear a slow rumble

that spreads out

like sparkles on a dance
as he says,

in a slow long drawn out voice,

“I am Juan LightThunderForm.”

And at that moment

big giant thunder bolt

crashes down,

with sparkling
dancing movements




at the top of his boots/

(lightning bolts)

while I am left feeling

like a tiny 3 year old child

with ancient thunder all around,

holding me safe
within his arms,

as he thunders over

with sizzzzling


sparkling sounds

at the ends of his bolt,

his boots,

and still I sit in the space between,

dark and without light,

now listening as the pouring rain is falling down.

He was One Light Thunder Form

Earthen Girl 042508