Kundalini and the appearance of my son taking on his godlike form

Wow…  sometimes life happenings are unexpected..
A few months ago my son began writing me letters…  well he started out asking me why I never told him that he was abducted by aliens when he was young..  At the time I thought I did.. he was young when he was telling me about it, 4 Guardians of the Directions was what he was describing to me.. but I thing he was also saying the 6 Guardians of the Directions..
So then I knew he had the ‘sight’ too when he was young..  but like us all when young he seemed terrified of it..  and I had thought that he had possibly blocked it and was not going to allow it to manifest in its glory..
Over the years he would say things about having the ability to get up out of his body and travel around..  which I knew because he would come into my room to see what I was doing..  (lol, so sometimes him having that ability could be a bit inconvenient for me)
Over the years I found out that this ability is passed through the bloodline.  I know my dad has it too but he holds it bay by standing behind the Christian barrier..  So I know all too well, that while it passes through the bloodline, one can either run away from it or embrace it.
And over the years I have watched my sons keep themselves at a safe distance from it, so when my youngest son began asking me about why I didn’t tell him he was from another planet, I just said, “I thought I didn’t and you just were just ignoring me”…
Anyway, last night he began a long text series about realizing that the stuff he was seeing as a child was a past life, and thinking he was on a different planet with many moons..  and about being visited by the Egyptians.. and how they were pointing to the sky… and about a priestess in the lower chambers whose walls were gold..
In the next series of writings from him we find him speaking of a vision he had in which snakes were coming out of his tailbone leaving him feeling like he had electricity running through him and regressed memories being opened that he had to face and then they were just sucked out of his body…
And then he found himself in the emptiness of space alone and without thought… and how it was that it is here we find the Goddess Kundalini and the God Shiva along with the other Ancient Gods of Creation…
He said that religion blocks your mind from seeing this (that is why their symbol for falling from grace is through the Snake)
And that now he is going to follow this path through the plains of time and space until he gets back to the oneness within himself…
(I feel like I should put a picture of the Goddess Kundalini here but I don’t know how he is seeing her yet.. )

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