In traveling forward we were always meant to travel back to the place of no prejudice
February 15, 2016

With this the change from student to teacher

I am transitioning well into my new roll of uncovering the hidden well of love that is my Twin Flame journey.  It is literally like leaving my old world behind and stepping into a whole new world.

As Lightworkers, Bringers of the Dawn, writers of the New Calendar, Conscious Creators..  the list goes on and on..  as there is a multitude of us who have incarnated at this time to welcome the next great circle around the Central Suns and to influence the course of mankind over the next 26,000 cycle.  Much of what we do requires that we break down the walls of prejudice that grip the heart of the people who would cling to the old way of being and not welcome the necessary changes to unfold.  A lot of our natural way of walking across this planet beautiful inspires people to love us and recognize that in our movements of grace they have been lead to something higher that they may not have noticed before.

It is a journey of discovery for us both.  This new world I have arrived in for which I now must learn a new language and learn how to sing proper a new honoring song as this is the song that wells up from me now from the power of creation..

In traveling forward we were always meant to travel back to the place of no prejudice..


Twin Rainbow Flame ~Anatomy of love revealed
February 3, 2016

It is hard to keep the books from running all together now, as I feel like I am writing 3 books at once..


It is just that I finally understand now why our creation happened like it happened..  I have spent a life time feeling as though no one understands I am a planet and so I think like a planet.  I believe in emotions and have an emotional body..  One moment I can be inside the storm feeling as though I am being torn, and the next second I can be the Eagle rising above the storm and have the emotional part separated from me so I can watch from above.

Another minute I can be standing inside a tree, the wind softly blowing through me while I listen to the song my leaves are singing..

In this life, in ‘love’ I always feel like someone wants to build a dam to contain me in (as if I would not fill over their banks anyway, or fence me in (as if I would not just fly away)

The Earth thing so many called Love just did not feel like love should feel to me and so I just made myself to be content to stand as I am in the place where I am and if any man would try to contain me I would fly away, or if he should bore me with a little story when life is so grand and so capable of a full earthen body experience, they could have their little moment, but in the end I would disappear to the place where I felt the excitement within…  until at last I arrived at the place where I had to consider that there was no such thing as a perfect love for a girl like me..  I had lost him somewhere and I didn’t know where he was or how to find him, or maybe our missions just weren’t meant to sync.  Maybe I had missed my opportunity to feel our love while on this Earth and in this human skin.  For whatever reason it just did not feel as though Love had found me worthy of the grand adventure of a Fairy Tale romance story..  and what can a girl do when she is not graced with such a love?  She just keeps on keeping on.  Keeps on opening the path to fulfill the mission she came to do..  because she knows, in another time, in another space she will get to her Love Story…

Then enters the Kundalini opening..  love pouring out of my heart with no one to reciprocate, and visions pouring in of 2 rainbow twin flames and a million dollar display of fireworks times two, and 2 Eagles rising above the storm..

In the mist of this stand you weeping with a deep longing to find the one who can love you for you.

By now I am deep inside a Kundalini Awakening.  It has come up through the base of my spine and I am spinning all the time.  I cannot see what I can see any longer for I have entered into a sweet state of bliss in which as I watch whole galaxies are being removed as I am being redefined.  And there stand you, weeping for the love you cannot find when the Earth shows me a single picture that one day in a blue filled starry sky you would grab hold of my hand and hold it like I was something to you.

Now I am a leap of faith kind of girl and I do not know why I have been shown such a picture or why the Earth screamed at me,  “You must cut off your braid and send it to this boy right now!”  But what I did know was that when the Earth tells me to do something I must do it, and I must give honor to the path she has given me to walk.

The rest is a story of discovery with me inside my crazy dance telling you that one day you would love me.. and you out there searching for the love you knew would feel right when it fit you.  Inside my crazy dance you were always so gentle.  You never made me feel like you were slapping me down or telling me that I could not grow within the place where I was standing, though we kept bouncing together and apart.  You would just ask my how I knew that one day we would be together.  And in my crazy dance I would say, “I don’t know.  She didn’t tell me how to find my way into your heart, she just showed me a picture of you holding my hand.  I am completely without a clue as to how to get from point A to point B.”  Then your Lion would roar and I would run away.. or we would just face away from each other inside the story.. until the hair from the cut off braid would pop up and tell me to say hello again, your leap of faith girl calling reminding you that one day you were going to love her..  and you were ever gentle true, never trying to push me off of you while my Kundalini was spinning so delightfully as I would dance before you until again I would fade back into the shadows ever watching the happenings in your life.  Watching as you tried to reach through the darkness to find the love that fit you..  I would see you getting shattered to pieces over and over again.  It seemed that life seemed determined that it was going to beat you up and was not going to allow you to experience the love you sought to find.  And every time it would beat you up you would go away to heal (then in would step the Earth and the hair, the hair from the cut braid calling me to once again call out to you)

So I would reappear having already seen that love had once again ripped your heart apart and thrown you away in pieces.  You kept so much inside you, never ever talking bad about anyone, never ever dishonoring the woman who rejected you or the ones who were beating you up.  You just kept your fire sacred and true to the love you had for the Earth, for the Trees, for those who could no speak for themselves..

4 years later we have come to the part where the seed of our love has begun to grow.  And here stand you making your reveal to me….

And now I can see why 5 years ago the Earth made it clear that you were the love that I needed, and I was the love that you needed…  I realize now she was saying, “he is the love that you need and you are the love they need.”

As a Two Spirit One your medicine is so so different than any I have known (in this life)  You are sacred amongst our people, medicine for them.  It is so clear to me how unique your medicine is for it challenges a person to see and think outside the box..

This last time we came together I saw you as a girl standing there.. and then when she hugged that tree that was all it took for me to give her my heart too..  so I go to my people and make my declaration of love for a woman.. then what do you do but send me a prayer as a man who is praying for the Earth.. (what can I do but share?)  You are medicine for the people..

In the dream from 2000 when you came to me as a woman who I dance with..  In that dream the song that was playing was “That don’t impress me much”… but honestly, now, I am so impressed..

The other day I had an Earthen moment.  Something undefined happened that I thought was happening for another reason and I got swept up into the storm of my own emotions.. while you were being swept up by the emotions of a prayer you were joining for the Earth..

Inside that storm I said so many things to you…  like crazy talk from before that did not the prayer that you were involved in.  Finally 2 Eagles came to me and told me to pull us above the storm, just like in the vision when I came out of Walmarts after I met you..

So I do as they say and set my wings to dance with you above the storm…

The next day you tell me how you had become exhausted after doing a meditation with some other people for the Earth..

Then I closed my eyes and as I watched our 2 Eagles dancing above the clouds they went into this spiral – helixing upward they went, their energy transforming 8 times until they emerged as one out of the top radiantly beautiful as one blue angel…

I tried to draw a quick picture because I did not want to loose this moment, this vision…  I am thinking I need bigger paper now to express myself…..  and today it is clear that what the Earth was saying when she sent me on a journey to love you was that you were the love I needed…  and I was the love you needed too….

Eagles into blue Angel of light

This picture is not as brilliant as it looked when I saw us as 2 Eagles flying above the storm..   then we just kind of went into this spiral up, more like 8 circles and burst forth as One into a Brilliant blue light Angel…  with our light radiating our from up