Kundalini and the Twin Flame journey, touching pure love

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never in my wildest human dreams did I know that love would feel like this in its pure state of being..  it is love that transcends this human expression, love that says we are eternally bound together, and everything that we do within our human forms translates to our spirit body in a deeply spiritual way…

All of the past and all of the present, and everything we still are to touch while in these human forms even if they take us apart from each other for a ‘time’ will be a part of the bigger story that is us in our pure spirit form, countless the winds have blown and we merged with countless beings to watch them pass through us, and feel their lingering colors…

I had a dream, within my Kundalini journey that I was with my Twin Flame when my whole body became lit..

It reminds me of the beginning of our physical reunion in this life..  how there was this moment when I saw through time, my hand was cradled in his..  Then the Earth screamed out to me to seal the journey I must cut off my hair and make it a medicine journey….  everything changed because of that as the journey took on the flavor of unconditional love..  while him and I bounced countless times away from each other….

Then at precisely the right moment his sister would show up and pull us back together..

It is this knowledge that pure love works this way when it comes to our Twin Flames…  always pulling us back together after the moments when our human emotions would pull us apart..


Twin Flames and Kundalini, our story

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update: .. This story has become so beyond anything I know how to express that I have been quiet for a long time as I have been watching it unfold.  I still do not have the words to express what happened that changed the direction of this thing we call love after it was purified by the Kundalini.

The sharing of this journey, I feel is important as there will be others who will find expression because I took the time to record it.  Even though I haven’t the words to make this expression I wanted to share this week with my Twin Flame in a letter I wrote to him”

lakota bike

3 times recently you showed up in my dream, where I live..  It was in the third one that memories came cascading all around me..  In that one you showed up and went into the garage, hopped on your Harley and went for a ride..  I could see you, as if we were sky people, the trail you blazed before you turned around and came back to the garage…
after that our song began to cascade….  you sang to me:
One soul forever by Lakota
and it opened memories…  I remembered a dream back in the early 90’s that ended with me becoming a Winged One..  I received new tags for my car, and in the envelope there were pictures of me through time indicating someone was watching me through time…  Then I was out in the woods (struggling with the memories of my divorce) when I heard a motorcycle starting up in the distance and began traveling towards me…  I was afraid (of love then) and threw myself and my memories into the ditch.. and as you are riding towards me I see you are an Indian with long hair blowing in the wind and smiling so happy to see me..
but I am tore up from the divorce and frightened that you will kill me (break my heart).. 
then comes to me an Ancient Tree Spirit I had once hugged and she tells me I am interpreting my dream and life all wrong.  She tells me that I am here on my Cha Chee Too Wah, which is my Rite of Passage.  Then she shows me the road ahead how it will lead me to the place that feels like Home..
Then I turn and I am on my bed cleaning an Indian figurine…  The more I clean her, the more pliable she becomes until humbly she is down on her hands and knees in humbleness.  Then I hear a crackling and snapping as her DNA seems to be rearranging itself,, then Pop! and Wings emerge from her back and she begins to rise..
Creating a new way of love by Lakota
Then you are singing to me how we are creating a new way of love and I begin thinking “Oh my love, you are burning like a comet about to spread its seed” and suddenly I am taken to the memory of the comet dream
merging with a comet…..”Later, I arrive at another dream.  We are astronauts and are getting ready to go on a mission.  When I come into the dream we are taking our places in the space pod, the 4 of us, like in the dream before.  Now I realize that they are not really his parents, but our comrades.  (perhaps what would be expressed as our higher selves traveling with us as companions would..  They go every where with us.)

We seem to be strapped in for take off, but right after that I kind of break free and am floating around inside the space pod, bumping into him so that he too becomes not held so tight within the space pod..

I am feeling very happy as I float around, touching softly against him, loosening him so that he is not so attached to the pod.  I have this feeling of eternal love and joy inside of me, this feeling that even if I was to become separate from the pod and fly off to some distant land to make the new happening I was sent to create (as I feel like I am a seed pod) …  I have this feeling of joy inside of me that where ever I end up. Where ever I plant my seed is the exact place I am supposed to be…  Now I am flying free inside the space pod..  and he is watching me… Softly I bump into him and watch our spark…

I have been dreaming you for so long my Love.. 
Isn’t it just amazing that we can live on different continents, undergo births into little tiny human baby forms, loose all of our memories..  and still find each other? 
Love, Destiny
I have not yet found the picture of what I saw inside the dream  of us as a galaxy from when you hopped on your motor cycle and went for a ride…  I love you.. and I love our story…

Kundalini update

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today I am contemplating Kundalini and the Twin Flame Journey… for those who know him I am back with Lakota who I do believe is my Twin Flame (despite the fact that I renounced that earlier and for all appearances walked away from my Twin Flame journey.) … anyway, as a person who see’s those who have already passed, Lakota’s sister showed up and kept fluttering around me.. In the beginning I didn’t think anything about someone showing up as I didn’t recognize her at first, but then one day I was cutting through a parking lot that I used to go to with him and she showed up and reminded me of our (his and mine) reminded me of the book I wrote him from 1981-1983, that I had printed off and sent to him before I knew that I was full fledged into my Kundalini journey.. anyway after that when she would show up I would recognize her, so finally I reached out to him and told him thatdestiny and lakota his sister said hi… a few weeks later he called and said he would like to rekindle the fire.. so he did rekindle the fire within me for him..

and in doing so I find that within my Kundalini I have achieved a higher love.. it is a different kind of love that I am now held within.. I can now so clearly see that part of the journey was needed within the Kundalini journey.. for myself there was a past love that I needed to make a journey with as it was he the Earth used to activate my Kundalini on the day he turned and sang a song to the Thunder Beings and love poured out of my heart for him.. and yet 4 years later when the opportunity presented itself to me to hold him as a boyfriend, I turned and discovered that in love with him I felt like I was suffocating…

within the realization that I needed to take that journey, I also realized that Lakota needed to take the journey he took..

On my Kundalini journey I am now up to my throat chakra.. I had a dream that I was over at Lakota’s and as I sat there with my Kundalini spinning and dancing I saw myself arriving at the day when I became completely lit.. and in that moment I knew that I was seeing into the future .. and I also realized that as I have more chakra’s to pass through … and who knows, maybe each one will have a ‘test’ that we have to pass through… maybe we will have moments again when we have to take separate journeys…

and its like I know in my heart, when the time to move back into his energy approaches his sister will come and lead me back to him.. no worries..

It has been a completely remarkable journey traveling with him from the root chakra, to the place where I am now at my throat chakra, 4 years later… my dreams say that when I get to the light of the crown chakra, there too my Twin Flame will be.. no worries…




How to weave a new world, god goddess we

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In order to weave a new world, you must weave it within yourself first…  each person is a thread within our web of weaving..  by adding more threads we strengthen the new world that we weave..

A great part of weaving the new world has to do with honoring..  honoring ourselves..  honoring others..  when we cut others down we are in a destructive mode..  It is easy to go there, to the place of discontent and discord, but that is part of the old world of chaos…

When I was fifteen I rose up out of my body and saw through time to the time of the sun rising upon a new age..  That time is upon us now.  It is now time to weave the next circle..

We are more than most of us seem to remember, but the impact of what we create, conscious or unconscious is no less felt as an impact upon the world.

We create new worlds by standing in our honor and holding the energy..  but not absorbing the chaos around us..  but by simply standing in our honor…

These are teachings of the Earth…  about harmony and balance…  about how the tree people stand in their honor, being exactly who they are.. next to the bush people.. next the flower people.. next to their brother the Wolf Clan…  the Porcupine Clan…  the Bird Tribes.. and on and on…  each standing in their honor, being who they are..

Artist - Carole Bourdo

Artist – Carole Bourdo

(picture found here: http://www.manataka.org/page1455.html )

Skrillex & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – Make It Bun Dem [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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( I found it again)

wow over one million views…  this is an awesome video

personal updates.. I moved

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I have another place where I share….  over there I have a ‘book’ I am working on that I call

“From her Book of Life she wrote”

I am thinking of bringing that over here as I really like how it feels when I do…

I just moved..  and have had the most beautiful dance through my memories of what happened to me in that house..  I want to write it out in “From her Book of Life she wrote”..  these are the expressions of the places where my journey is most magical….



following dreams that repeat themselves

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There is this dream I know I have been following since the 80’s.  The first time I found myself at this house it was like a mansion and the attic, which had like a whole double wide stair case leading up to it, had been closed off, and since I had found the house abandoned I had gone up to explore the attic.

It had an unusual design, as if a long abandoned apartment had been built up there that was now dusty and in need of cleaning and it was full of antiques as if the people had just left.

Not all the doors would open, so at the top of the stairs I turned right and followed it to the end where it turned left into a really cool family room looking space with dust covered antique furniture.  As I passed through the room I saw a doorway turning left that obviously led into someones apartment, but I couldn’t go all the way in there, just far enough to see the room was their main living room.. eventually I was able to find the kitchen that went to the attic apartment over there too..

Over the years I have found myself in this same dusty attic many times, trying to see what more I could see of the apartment on the other side, findings its bedrooms.  They too were full of antiques..

Yesterday morning in my dream I found myself there again and went up to the attic.  This time when I entered the doorway I was able to turn to the left and found myself passing through a kitchen which had a room delightfully large enough to be a bedroom..  At the moment I was thinking about how delightful the space looked I reach out and opened a doorway (that would never open before and found myself staring into a second kitchen.  And this was the kitchen I had found before in another of the dreams of the apartment in the attic..

I woke up thinking, “Wow it has 2 kitchens”

…..  I have been following this dream since the 80’s and have not gotten to the end of it yet  …….

Interestingly there was another dream house I followed in the 80’s.  In this one it was like school or something.  Every time I would find myself there it would be time to travel down the forested path that lead to the river, but in the beginning when I would enter the forest everything would go blank until I would wake up as I came back out of the forest.

BastFinally in the dream I was able to see the school building that I was living in, could see my room..

Finally it came time for me to graduate.  So they shaved off the front of my hair (my bangs) and egyptian-womentattooed a golden sun rising on my forehead.

Still dream after dream I would find myself there until at last I was able to see that when I cut through the forest path down to the river, in the river, that was the place where we taught the children..

On my final dream, I was in my dorm room when an old friend showed up and said that it was time to go to the graduation ceremonies… so I picked up my mirror, looked in the mirror, saw that my bangs had grown back and realized that I was Egyptian..


the wonders of the Kundalini life

June 2, 2014 - One Response

kundalini_energyThe timings of the Earth cannot be explained, the purification continues at a different level… waking up this morning, feeling my whole spine vibrating and buzzing in a 4 inch diameter…  I can still tell I am up to my heart chakra, even though I can feel it whole body the tube of energy that I can see fades off once it gets past my heart chakra.

spirit light

The other day I was having an episode of my kundalini spinning and it looked like an inner tube around my body at my heart…

still think of him…

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I still think of him.. little sign comes and says, ‘the one who left is coming back this way” … to my grand daughter telling me I need to put the lion back in my truck …  to seeing a patient with the name Celestial…  to calling a patient and him having an English accent so strong I had to giggle…. to moving to a new house, seeing my lion sitting by the front door and knowing I will take him and find him a spot in my new world….  I still think of him..

still think of him


soft whispers of love bringing me back to life.. a Kundalini love story

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new beginnings

I am feeling the soft whispers of love flowing through me…  my Kundalini has begun rocking me..  each stage feels somewhat different..

It waned there for a time barely speaking to me and when I would feel  it, it would not have any thrust behind it..

This time when it started up again it was almost hot like burning..  Mostly I just feel it is my duty (for the Earth) to observe it, and record the journey, for this is what I do.. many lives spent meticulously recording the journey.

In this burning stage I became acutely aware of how my boyfriend has no sense of romance and even pondered writing a huge piece of what it feels like to walk with a man who does not hold a romantic sense..

There was a huge burning that was traveling through my Kundalini energy.  Every time it would spin it would burn and I would contemplate more and more the feelings of first observing how it feels to never touch a sense of romance with my boyfriend..  until finally I just felt disgust over everything he said to me..  And then I found myself in a place where I wanted to withdraw from him, wanted to take a serious break..

It was as I was entering into this space that I felt the first whisperings of Nature calling to me reminding me that this is a sensual planet, feeling the excitement inside the stone body on the beach as daily that waves come and touch it…

feeling the wind wrapping itself around the blades of grass and watching them dance..

then I beheld and feel the delight of a wind spirit dancing with a maple tree, and all of the helicopter seeds shoot straight up, like a thousand butterflies all taking off at one….  fluttering as they make their journey to the new place that will be their home…

And the more I began to feel the sensual nature of the Earth, the harder my Kundalini began to burn through me until at last again I began to feel its pulse…. and I feel all in love with Nature…. again …..






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