Earth Day is April 22, 2015

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Black Hills Unity Concert 2015

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(((((((  I am soooooo in love… the Heros of the Earth are the ones who are stepping forth to protect her..  to restore her…..  We are so much more than we remember at times..  It is our love that will clothe her with the new clothing she is to wear in this next circle around the Central Sun that has already begun.. It is our love that clothed her for this circle that we just completed.. our love through song made the rivers to flow the way did, and our unique flavors as we sang our songs made the waters to taste the way they taste…   The songs of our journey became the landscapes we see as we look out upon the Earth and her clothing now…  and the songs of our journeys now will become the new clothes, bright and clean given her to wear in the next great circle….)))))))

A forever love ~excerpt from the Rainbow Mother vision

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rainbow mother vision

When I was 12 I went into a vision that lasted until I was 30..  My mother, who walked with the Rainbow People (rainbows danced at her feet)..  She was married to a Chief Whitefeather and she was from a life long ago when there was so much innocence and purity for our people still in existence..  In the vision she was intent on showing me how to walk through the present day world and maintain my balance, instructing me on how all the laws of God had been written in nature and how any time I needed instructions for how to believe I should go to the Earth and ask her.

Somewhere inside the vision she inserted a piece my young mind could not comprehend.  There was a young man who high in a way I could not understand,  falling down, getting up, an angry youth beating up the Earth, staggering swaying high and drunk, angry beyond words, pounding his fist against his chest, screaming out in pain..  Our Village standing by watching him with no judgment inside their hearts against him..

Then as I watched he fell to the ground.. dead .. just like that the life left his body… and with quiet grace the people of the Village went out and picked him up.  The brought him back to the Village.  Then I watched as the preparations were being made, the caring his body, the cleansing, and new clothes were put on him.

Then they took him out and laid him on the wooden altar that had been made for him, a wooden bed  or something, my mind not know..  Then the Ceremonies began.  It was a dance they did, all night long, a fury of circle dance around creating a vortex, and opening, so that in the morning when the first ray of light came over the horizon and shown upon him, his spirit simply rose up and he began walking towards the light as peace descended upon him..

In my youth I could not comprehend why she showed me that as part of the vision… and it has taken me all these years..  to find my way back to my people… to find my way home.. to understand how hard this passage has been on us… and how angry some have become..

But always inside my heart..  I remember this vision..  this vision of the Tribe that never gives up on anyone within their Tribe ..  and in their passage to the other side they danced to open the path..

We are Creation Singers

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frozen in time

Oh she is so beautiful.. walking in the caravan…  the image of her doing that frozen (so to speak) in time…

She is a part of the legends of old, stories that were passed from generation to generation..  her part in the creation story..

Her days are old to us.. but she does not see that.. time is so elongated to her that she is merely taking one step to the next..  she is the reason the Indigenous Peoples of the Earth urge us not to take dynamite and destroy her..  or damage her journey..

We who sang the creation songs of old, whose history unfolded into the clothes the Earth wears..  here stand we again…  legendary amongst the stars stand we singing our creation song for the next great circle that has come to be a part of us..

The singers whose songs are pure, their songs will go forth to make the pure waters, the rivers and streams of pure water in the next great circle around the central Sun..

and just like my song is long and continuous flowing and is different than others..  so too shall the flavor of my waters be different than others….

We are the gods and goddesses of old…  whose songs formed the world we came to know..  and will form the world we come to know.. again..

Dreams: the Universe as People

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I love to dream….  When I was 12 the creed was given to me that I was to merge with the Earth in every way.  The merging is so real that I see myself in the place of the merging as if it is happening to me and become one with the moment…

This morning I woke up in a dream that I have spent the whole day looking at it with my new eyes..

In the dream I was in my vehicle driving down the road when up over the horizon came first the head of a very tall man..  then his shoulders, then down his arm, his waist his tummy, his torso and down his legs.He was on a great walk, his strive long, determined, proud.  He walked right into the town up ahead and whoever happened to be on his path he just picked them  up, and kept on with his stride until he disappeared from sight.

There was some kind of passage through time, suspended animation, my movements spinning and twirling as I was traveling down the road, this time looking forward in the direction I was traveling in, I saw again the first movements of his head coming over the horizon.  Then his shoulders, down his arms to his waist, his tummy, down his legs, still making his great strides down his path.

Up ahead of me, on the same highway I was travel another vehicle was scurrying down the road..  then the great Walker,  his circle bent until he was headed for the vehicle..

I just sort of projected my consciousness forward so that I could see into the vehicle and found myself in a town..  and the Great Walker was walking though, as people were scurrying to get out off of his path knowing that with one swoop, he would pick them up and gobble them down…

All day long I pondered this, looking with my new eyes to see where we were in the universe and thought the Great Walker must be like a constellation..  and we were miniature galaxies…  or something like that….    I actually think that the first town he walked through and the second town were one in the same, and that it was I who was traveling at the slower rate so that  he was always intersecting with that town but my orbit was different…


A Higher View, from the book “Life as a Planet”

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Many times my visions are more like portals that I can, at any time look through.  They are stories that I can see that my knowledge of progresses through time..

One of them involves ‘forgiveness’ on my home world.  it was not like it is here.  On my home world when one of the inhabitants of the planet does something to strike out against a member of our Tribe, forgiveness is that we go merge with that inhabitant (for example the snake) so we take on the form of a snake and go live in the snake community until we understand (for example) that by walking between a snake and her babies she will strike out at you.  And this deep understanding is what we call forgiveness.

Further down through time, (in my early 30’s) I see marauders galloping towards us.  I see all of our Indian Village in our passage through the sky.  And I see the surrounding Tribes in their passage through the sky as different Villages.

I see the marauders tearing through the Villages, galloping towards us until at last one of them penetrates my atmosphere and I become pregnant with his child..

Further down through time, in 2003, I am about to give birth to his child.  I am still young and he has grown old, is on his death bed and his embers are burning out.

I am staring, with slight resentment at an old wound he left upon my arm, rubbing it.  Then upon the light of the moon, my mother flapping her wings as she settles into human form comes to me and says, “It is now time to do the Healing Remnants of Past Wounds Ceremony”

With this I am taken into vision that last 3 months, walking through my human body, and watching the Ceremony take place there in that world until at last I find myself in the pains of giving birth and feeling a great rift coming between 2 sisters I scream out in pain.

2 moons dream 1Then my mother, and my grandmother are between my legs with my grandmother slightly off to the side.  She is peering down intently upon the Grand Canyon that is forming through this rift…  Then she sort of laughs and says, “Oh it is a stretch mark, and only a teeny one at that”

With that I am seeing through her eyes a little teeny 1 inch stretch mark has formed upon my pregnant tummy..  And upon realizing that we could see through each others eyes, I was taken back to the place of a dream in which my human body was dreaming a man was chasing her and trying to kill her.  Then an ancient tree spirit appeared in the dream and said “you are interpreting your whole life wrong.  This is not about someone is trying to kill you.  This journey is your Cha Chee To Wah, your Rite of Passage.  Then she showed my human self the road ahead, and the road lead me to a place that was covered in star dust, covered by a veil that was guarded so only those allowed were admitted…

and as I am laying there, about to give birth to a new world, looking through my Grandmothers eyes I realize that we are a planet with our Star and moons and other planets we are a Village, a Tribe…  and the surrounding Villages that I could see so clearly as different Tribes.. they are like us with their Suns and moons and circle of planets

Earthen destiny


Kundalini and the Twin Flame Journey.. introducing OBE to the mix

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cosmic us

My Twin Flame is an OOBE’er..  That is his path and I have been aware of it since the beginning of our reconnection in this life..

I myself haven’t thought much about OBE.  In my youth I studied under Jane Roberts and Robert Monroe when I was doing exercises to become awake inside my dream world.  But it was totally different.  That was because there was a person I met in my dreams in my youth I wanted to find again because I wanted to know who she was to me that she would travel into my dream state to teach me to ride a bike.

My Twin Flame lives on another continent and he has he own work to do, while I have my work here.  I do not know that we are scheduled to be physically together in this life.  There is a possibility that we have a higher work this time that requires we live on different continents..

There is a man who caught my attention recently because he is very open about sharing his OBE experiences.  I have learned a lot from him about what an OOBE’r experiences, and in learning I find myself being drawn in a little deeper each time.

Then I dreamed that I woke up inside my dream and thought, “Wow, I am awake inside my dream (versus trying to pull pieces of the dreams out with me.)  I thought, “hmmmm, I wonder where I should go now that I am conscious” walked across the room and disappeared through the wall.  At which time I found myself back asleep and no longer conscious that I was awake in the dream.

It feels like I have been guided to the next stage of my growth.  That I am right where I am supposed to be.

Years ago I dreamed I was in a classroom on the dark side of the moon.  It is a half moon shaped observatory and we go there for classes.  There was a Maya teacher there, in the dream, and she was having us to push white light out our meridian points.  We were getting lit.  She was at the front of the room and much more lit than we.

As she talked, instructing us to push the light out our meridians she began to become engulfed in white light.  Then she said, “and when you become completely lit, that is the time you are to project where you want to go..”

With this she materialized back behind my shoulder.. “and teleport” she whispered in my ear.

Between this, my Kundalini spinning, vibrating, feeling lit .. our Twin Flame journey.. and this pathway opening up to OBE, I am feeling as if I am arriving at a shift within my journey..



Kundalini, full body beam of light ~update

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The other day in my Kundalini journey…

the Twin Flame journey is like none other.  Since the love has been purified within me I can walk with confidence no longer plagued with insecurity and worrying about where the path will go.

My Twin Flame lives on a different continent, has a light work that he is performing, while I, in a seemingly different world, have a light work I am doing on my continent.

It is like this great peace has entered us both in the knowledge that, amongst the millions of people on a planet this size we managed to find each other again and create it in the most spectacular fairy tale story.

We do not write each other every day, although he is always on my mind.. and I can feel my presence walking with him daily..

So the other day he wrote me how calming he has felt in the knowledge that we have found each other again..  so I was thinking about him while I was eating supper..  and within my Kundalini a beam of sparkling light came forth, from the Earth, all the way through my body and out my head it went…  and it felt like I was glowing..

crown full body beam of light


Kundalini Awakening

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There are many different expressions of Kundalini awakening.  I found this piece on it and wanted to share it.. in case it helps …


Kundalini Awakening.

Planet dreams, the arrival of the Tuber babies

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When I was 12 I found myself staring into the face of a flower when a portal opened up and I found myself staring into the face of a beautiful Indian woman. she came and instructed me, that in every way I was to merge with the Earth…So in my dream this morning I had to go to class, and while I was there thetubers eye teacher handed me a flat of babies wrapped in blankets and asked me if I could take care of them…

… later in the dream I found I was carrying around a flat of flowers and thinking I really needed to get them in the ground,  So I dug up tuber babies Jerusalem-artichoke-tuber-001some garden space and was trying to plant them, It was hard to find their roots to place them in the soil so I kind of picked up the flowers and looked beneath them and saw that they were tubers…. wrapped in blankets just like the babies I had been given earlier…  as a matter of fact, I think they were the babies I had been given earlier..


We are mystical magical beings, work of arts in progress..  We are the ones Tuber dream 51D9oCa0YmLof old who the most sacred of stories were told, who later appeared in the songs and legends the Tribes sung about…  A transformation is taking place within me and it is showing up in my dreams..  I am being prepared to take my consciousness into being a life sustaining planet…  I am feeling that is why the horses appeared as children..  and these babies were actually plants..

There is a vision from a long time ago, in my 20’s,  when I was receiving the ‘forgiveness’ instructions..  I remember our Village and how we moved in our work..  remember how we could take our consciousness and talk to anyone in our Village, how I was an Earth, and my mother a Moon (controlling my ebb and flow, instructing me on the ebb and flow..

I remember looking out and seeing other Villages going about their daily business..  Then came the ‘marauders’ blazing through our sky, and burning through my atmosphere, I was impregnated..

In my youth I thought this was a most horrible fate..  but in my dreams, since being told that I had arrived at my Destiny..  it feels like these dreams are saying that in the place where I had my consciousness as a planet…  Crystal People are with me… and the Horse Children have arrived and the Tuber Babies are growing..

It is possible for planets to take human form…  and dream of what is taking place upon their Earthen bodies in their absence..

tubers dahlias_fog


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