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Song of the Unicorn companion
November 7, 2012

As my Unicorn companion sang its song to me, I found myself inside a tunnel, as if inside its horn. Floating around in the darkness I could see specks of light from magical powder.. Each speck as I looked upon it became an orb in which I could see the story of my life from another time, in which we were clearly traveling back through time until we arrived at the place where the tree spirit hovered in rainbow light.. and in the morning when I arose, I conceived I wanted to create a world that was solid so that I could lay my body next to the tree.. then traveling forward more from the collective soul we are, inside the bubble we are making plans for our descent into a 3D world.. forward again we travel looking into bubble after bubble of time until at last it is time for me to go under the veil, at which time my Unicorn companion says, I cannot go with you there, but I will meet you on the other side.”

Then our time under the veil is coming to an end, we are about to be born into a  new world… and standing there…. welcoming… the Unicorn

Hummingbird dreams me
October 24, 2012

October 16, 2012  I was awakened inside the dream hearing the words, “look the hummingbirds are coming” I looked up and saw some hummingbirds flying in path over my head, and right behind them some small sparrow or another little bird like that migrating down to where it is warmer. Then one of the hummingbirds flew right up to my face, looked at me and took off right around the house, so we ran behind it. It went to a bush and darted back and forth, then it darted up to me and began to shake its body until one lone white feather fell from its body to the ground. I ran and grabbed the feather. It was so tiny, only an inch long… Then the hummingbird went back to the bush.. It seemed to be trying to tell me something as it kept hovering there around the bush.

There was a little girl who was with me.  She had black black hair.  She was looking at the hummingbird and kept trying to grab at it…  but the Hummingbird did not appear to even be daunted.

My first thought was to try to figure out what the Hummingbird was saying….  I observed that I was being shown that they were migrating, and behind them would be following the sparrows.. and that the hummingbird took me to a bush, where it dropped a feather for me and then continued to hover around the bush , as if the bush was significant, and that even with the little girl with the black black hair kept poking her arm at the Hummingbird it would not leave its position..

As I researched the Hummingbird I came to realize that the Hummingbird was telling me that it wanted me to plant a bush in my back yard for it..  for when it migrated back.. and the little girl with the black black hair was my neighbors cat..

The second thought and realization was that this was a definite and deliberate journey  a medicine journey, so to speak that had began when the Sky People began speaking to me of the Hummingbird 3 months earlier..  3 times in the sky they had send hummingbirds to me..  and now the Hummingbird dreamed me.. When the Sky People first began talking to me about the Hummingbirds I had not thought of the message that was being brought, but now that they have dreamed me I know that this is also a message about the journey I am on.


 I found this


Hummingbird, who dwells in the direction of North represents the courage required to embark on an epic journey, much in the same manner as their annual migration over the Atlantic traveling every year from Brazil to Canada. When embarking upon an epic life’s journey, connect with the energy of hummingbird. Once touched by the energies of this archetype, we are propelled on our own epic journey that eventually leads us back to source, where our spirit was born.

The North energy helps us set forth and continue our journey despite tremendous odds. When there is not enough time, money or know-how for what you are attempting, hummingbird can provide the courage and guidance necessary for success.

Here is another great place, food for thought for those affected by Hummingbirds:

White Hummingbird too, I am certain it has significance.  Even when the Sky People showed me the hummingbird in the clouds, it was a white Hummingbird.

Peacock Spider
June 26, 2012

it is like looking through time at an ancient design someone had woven into their clothes.. and understanding the journey that they took with that spider that bought them to the place of honoring them by weaving them into the fabric of their life..