The Earth is my Church.  She is my Mother.  She is the one I pray to, the one I ask for guidance.  She showed me a picture of the rain falling, how it touches all without bias, no prejudice, no “I like one better than the other”   She showed me a precession.. rain .. tree.. grass.. food.. animal eating.. pooping.. feeding the soil..  the rain running into the river, moisture going back up, clouds forming, a circle.  and in the midst of the circle the plants are growing, the animals are growing.  And she tells me, “By sharing we grow” …  that is why I am here.. to share..  Hope you are having a really great day.. and life.

I love photoshop

I love the look of long hair blowing in the wind.






love to you 




7 Responses

  1. Halloween 2011


  2. I am trying to add a pic… hmmmmmmmmm

  3. To anyone that wants to leave a real comment, I appologize that you cant. I went to vacation for 5 days and when I returned 200 spammers had filled my comment section with junk mail, all apparently trying to get a plug, a sale.. I want something more real than that so I disconnected the comments.. Haven’t figured a way around it…

  4. testing 🙂 is it possible to leave a comment here?

  5. Thank you for sharing your beautiful eye on our world & beyond!
    ♥ and love to you too!

  6. there are very few “Kundalini” sites I go to where I can actually feel the Mother pulsing. I feel Her here. Thank you

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