Dreams of the Fairy Festival

My beautiful Cheyenne Two Spirit is in preparation to have a booth at the Fairy Festival this coming weekend..  so I wanted to record these dreams so when she shares her journey I can see if these people were at the Fairy Festival..  We are dreaming through time and we don’t always know what direction we are dreaming, straight into the future, or looking into other lives.  Lakota and I, we dream together it is possible that these dreams are people she will meet on her path this weekend coming…  (LOL, no one may actually be interested in reading the dreams except for me, my X marks the spot)

rainbow dragons of M Pena

In the first dream I was dreaming we had gone to a familiar village (the same people that we met in the cave in Nebula dream, when she took me to the cave to tell me her secret (when I thought she was a guy)…

So we were in this Village, kind of up on the hill, and just over the hill was a barbeque pit, which I had gone to bring up.  It was an unusual shaped fire pit, huge and on 4 wheels like a wagon.  I was having a hard time getting it over the hill because it was so heavy when I would lift the cart it would roll down the hill instead of up..

Lakota looks like a guy.  It is on the inside that she carries the divine feminine.. and she has other friends like this also, so it may not be easy to interpret, but then 2 guys show up, and the one she gets out and helps me to move the cart up to our site.  We sit down in a chair and she sits on my lap.  We are sitting there watching a woman mold some rainbow colored clay into an animal..  reminded me of the shape of my Sleeping Dragon dream..  then she pulls out some more rainbow colored clay and begins to form the wings.  With this I realize she is crafting Dragons.. and awaken with Lakota still sitting on my lap..  I had picked up a strawberry and in looking at the strawberry I realized I was staring into the Dragons face.

moss dream

In my dream this morning, it had to do with the Ancients and watching the Ancients grow old and appearing to be in the time of their passage.

There was a group of us, family, but every time we gathered they would become very noisy with chaos.  There was someone who was always instigating talking behind peoples backs, pointing at them and telling their business.  I did not like that at all because I am a gentle people, not loud, just content to watch the Ancient One as he was in preparation to make his exit.

After a long period of watching this scene happen again and again, I became quite upset by the chaos makers.  So I jumped up and began to scream at them.  A hush fell over the room as certain ones began to whisper their surprise that the gentle one was now upset.  I was screaming how upset I was over the ones who were talking about the people who passed by as we watched the passing of the Ancient One.  I stomped my feet and told them, “I am not like that, and I am tired of you making me listen to that!”

With this I stomped off and went into the Village..  It was like a row of shacks that connected, one each to the other.  There was a guy who showed up.  We had mated before.  He was bidding me to come with him, but I was saying I was not going back there now.  I had something more important to do.

So he gets back into his vehicle and leaves..  It is as I am sitting there staring at my fingers that I realize they are green.  I look and actually my whole body is green.  I try to pick up my fingers but they are slow to move, and when they do move, they move in slow motion.  I slowly pick up my hand and touch my finger enough to peel back the green..  that is when I realize I am clothed in green moss….


green fairies

However, the night before the People of the Moss dream, I had been staring out my window staring at the green fairies playing in the forest across the road..

green fairies playin in the forest 20160516_181623



I have been affected by the dream in which I woke up to see a Cheyenne Chief standing at the foot of my bed with his Troupe, staff in hand, saying,  “We are trying to locate our Two Spirits who were lost in the time of chaos, so I record this honoring song in this place that I may open the path for them to reconnect with their Cheyenne Two Spirit…

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