Native American Wisdom Cards ~the Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture 051516

Yesterday, for the first time, after years of watching them grace our skies in their sacred dance for years and years I got wow to see what they really look like up close.. I was driving home from the store when I saw this huge bird in the road… Except for its color… like a golden eagle color wings, I thought for certain I was staring at a Turkey in the road.. I look it is and it is called a Turkey Vulture… I feel really blessed by the experience…. highly significant to my journey… Maybe it is not rare, maybe it happens all the time.. maybe this is what turning 60 is about, but all along my journey my mission was to open the path for the sacredness of the Indigenous Tribes of America. I have worked with great dedication to this end..

Now in the most beautiful and glorious way (through love with a Cheyenne Indian) I have come into the complete acceptance of a new mission, like a graduation mission, I have come into the grace of opening the path for our Two Spirits.. and every week I am faced with the death of prejudice in this time of purification…

It is unbelievable to me how much the christian sector is thinking prejudice is their god given right…  I am thankful that it is not all the christian sector who is displaying this uprising of prejudice…  We have come to the time of purification..  This movement of this energy rising up is merely the release to that which no longer serves humanity as a whole…


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