Love songs for a Cheyenne Two Spirit

To my Cheyenne Two Spirit One

I look at our journey and sometimes I think how can I find a greater expression of my love for you.  Your song plays inside of me all of the time.  Your journey plays inside of me all of the time.  The honoring that you make, I see it so deeply, I feel it so strong.  You walk in 2 worlds, the outside world and the inside world, honoring both.

It is my love for you that brings up this dedication, that brings into the light of the new day the honoring of this path for all the Two Spirits and the journey of honoring they must make to honor both worlds that walk with them.

I think of you all the time, think of how I could be a better expression as a person who opens pathways to new worlds of my love for you.  On the outside you stand in your man spirit protecting the sacred feminine one who walks within you.  Hers is a world of grace and beauty.  So softly she touches me and pulls my longing inside of her heart while on the outside he wraps his arms around us both and protects our gentle love

Native lovers

Everything you do is so meticulously placed to represent a place of honoring within you..  I look at the dream catchers you made, the careful placing of the masculine and divine feminine.

I look at the pictures you send me, always placing the sacred male and divine feminine in sacred union with each other and I see so much more..

One could look at those pictures and just see you and I, but no it is so much more.  I am the equation that has been added to the equation that was already there.  I am like the shelter inside your storm, the storm of the sacred Two of you, he who protects her and she who walks so softly inside of him

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