Eighth Chakra ~a Kundalini Twin Flame Journey

Blue Angel 03192016

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(((((( Here is my 8th Chakra Kundalini / Twin Flame picture I drew from our merging. ))))))
The passage through the 8th Chakra was quite difficult  as I was taken to a whole new world and a whole new way of perceiving love.  It came upon me like a storm somewhere up inside my head as my Twin Flame began the Great Reveal that he was truly a Two Spirit One.  I had to be completely de-programed as I had only ever been (in this life) attracted towards men.
And she was so beautiful as she deprogrammed me.  When my soul cried out, “I think I have to be with a man,” she put back on her man skin and prepared to love me from there.  But then my heart cried out, “But you are so soft and so gentle, I need to love you from here.  I need to feel the love that touches me from the heart.    So she continued deprogramming me.
Spirit Bear, my guide was helping me through it in my dream time, explaining to me that my Twin Flame walked with me through my dreams for my whole life, how every morning when he brought me home he would erase my memories to help me make it through the long journey ahead. (that was before the reveal)
Then after the reveal Spirit Bear came and told me I needed to revisit my writings for my Twin Flame was all in them.  When I opened up the book the first dream I read was about this woman who was with me, and she danced with me and it felt so nice..
Somewhere in the midst of the deprogramming I dream I was out walking around when I found a portal to my Twin Flames world.  It was a tunnel and when I tried to pass through it it began collapsing in around me, so I went back and told my Twin Flame I found a portal.  Then I went back to portal and began trying to push through.
This brought me to a place of great disconnect.  My Twin Flame was deprogramming me and all of a suddenly it was like I lost my translator and could no longer understand what she was saying.  My head was becoming massively confused and a great fear of abandonment seized me.
I struggled for some hours with this feeling.  Then all of a sudden I heard a voice tell me to slip into Eagle mode with my Twin Flame, rise above the storm, and ride like the Eagles above the storm..
 so I did and everything calmed down for the day.  I was riding above the storm when all of a sudden we went into this spiral going upward.  In the vision it was completely  lovely and beautiful, our dance as we did that.  Then we just kind of merged together and burst forth as a Blue Angel..
 It was one of those WOW! moments that I really wanted to draw a picture of..
Of course, that was only the beginning of passing through the eighth chakra..  It quickly got very freaky as  I could no longer feel my Twin Flame and alone and freaking out I began the journey through the Eighth Chakra.  It was a difficult journey, like finding yourself in a new world and all alone and in front of you there are these stones that keep being turned over.  For instance, facing the fact that you are in a new world and alone.  A part of you never minded alone time, even craved it.  Another part of you is freaking out because you don’t know where your Twin Flame is or if you will ever see them again.  Another part of you can see them way off in the distance, but there is no sound in this place, and the lack of sound is deafening
I kept traveling down that path, reconciling the differences within myself until I felt like I had been unmasked, and in being unmasked I had to reconcile the fact that I never felt like I wore a mask.
Once I surrendered to the feeling of being unmasked, it did not take that much longer to pass all the way through the 8th chakra and back out into the light..
I spent a couple of days where one minute I would feel bliss.. and the next tormented.. as if it was partly cloudy, and every time I would go into a shadow I would feel torment..  til I hit the light again…
and then once I came out I felt all to myself again.

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