8th Chakra ~unmasked

It seems to me the 8th chakra

strips you of your mask

you may not have even thought you had

it lays you naked and vulnerable

looking into the spaces between

thoughts that might have laid unturned.

It calls you to run away

run back,

and yet in looking back

you see you have grown beyond

what was and became

what is.

and the ‘what is’

now stands in front of you


Looking into the new world

there is no place to go

but forward.

I have this strong feeling that I have been unmasked and I cannot hide from anything that I feel.  It presents itself to me in ways that are not necessarily comfortable, and yet they are without pain.  They just say, “here is the wound you once thought as painful.  Here is the heart you once thought of as ripped and torn apart.  Here are the tears that you cried upon your path.  Here are your moments of insecurities.. Here are the stones you left unturned.”

And everywhere you look you find yourself unmasked, looking into the places you never thought to look


with the knowledge that this way you must pass

because now you know that you have grown

beyond all that was before

you came to the

Event Horizon

event horizon

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