the New World ~lessons within a Two Spirit journey

Two spirits

Sometimes life puts us on unexpected new and wondrous paths..  I know nothing of this world.. hardly, but what my Twin Flame shares with me in her unfolding…  I would not go out looking for a woman to love, but my Twin Flame, she feels so soft and lovely and looks so beautiful in her revealing. It is my honor to honor our journey.  Many lives we incarnate into, and many roles we have shared while working to open paths that have been closed…
There are many paths that need to be opened again within the next great circle around the Central Sun..  When I told my son of my new journey he told me “Congratulations” on your life change, and told me I should watch the show “Transparent”
After my Twin Flame began her revealing I dreamed that I woke up and standing at the foot of my bed was a Cheyenne Chief (I do not know what time period I was looking into) He had his ‘Troupe” with him and he stepped forward and said that they were looking for their Two Spirits who got lost during the Time of Chaos..
This planted a seed in me (from my research too) that this was carried through the blood line..  and when I got to the end of the show Transparent, that is the same thing they were saying, that it runs through the blood line



Dedicated to the Cheyenne Chief who showed up in my dream..  all of my love for opening this path


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