Dream Journeys, seeing with eyes anew


Yesterday when I wrote out the Snake Dreams (Twin Flames, pre Kundalini Snake dream) I left out a key component.  That is the fact that I am now looking at my dreams through the eyes of a girl who found her Twin Flame in the body of a man who is all woman inside..  So in reality I am now in love with the Divine Feminine and I have a girlfriend who feels very soft and feminine.  She is completely woman and that changes all the meaning from the dreams before I knew my Twin Flame was embodied in a woman and that I would adore the feeling of her sweet caresses.

My second thought is, “I am a Medicine Woman, how can this be used as Medicine? ..  How many people are on a Twin Flame reuniting journey now who haven’t met them yet, but are dreaming them? … and how many Twin Flame Unions involve loving a person of the same sex?”   And so I share my journey from the depths of my soul for those that will find it to be Medicine..

The dream I shared yesterday was from the year 2000, 11 years before I physically met my Twin Flame.. and 15 years before I touched his heart and saw a woman looking back at me..

When I was reviewing my dream yesterday I was not looking at it from this angle..  so I wanted to share the parts I left out thinking they were were not pertinent to this Kundalini Twin Flame journey.

In the dream, there was a woman I was hanging out with like we were friends.  There were things that she was saying that I felt like were not true so I kept feeling resistant in my dream against the actions of what she was doing.  As we were running around we went through a building and a song came on so her and I danced together and it felt good but I still did not feel like I was impressed with what she was saying because the song that was playing was, “That don’t impress me much.” by Shania Twain.

After that me and the girl found ourselves in the rest room and we were talking.  As we talked I looked down on the floor and saw a ball of snakes so I jumped up onto the edge of the bath tub.  By now I noticed 2 balls of snakes, plus in the bath tub was a ball of baby snakes.  I quickly jumped onto the counter and slipped out the door.


Twin Flame, my Sweet Love,

Looking back I am thinking how now it looks like the path was being prepared before me so that I would be able to surrender my love to the Divine Feminine that lives inside you.

I know that in each mission we accept we take on ‘roles’ that fit our profiles, and in this life it seemed that my profile was designed to love a man.  The first time I saw you, when I was 12, inside my vision, I saw a man standing there whose smile was so full of love and dancing circles around me he told me how his mission to Earth had been accepted and showed me the place where our journeys were going to touch while we were here.  So I set my eyes to find him.

But now, as I see where you are on your mission of removing the walls of prejudice against a breed of people who walk different than others, it now appears that the dream was to prepare me for the path and new role I would take on once our paths came back together.

You see, in my writings from the year 2000, I have already glanced at the next dream and know where I am going to next…  and it makes it all make sense..


…  I have told you before, and have shouted it from the roof time.  It was in the year 2000 that I surrendered to the Earth, surrendered to allowing her to lead me to my destiny, to the mission for which I was sent.  It was at that time that I said, “I will follow every instruction you give me, I will go where you lead me to, and do as you ask” …  Looking back from 2016 makes these dreams look so different.  I am thankful for the recording of the dreams along my path.


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