Twin Flames, pre Kundalini Snake dream

468741_320This is the path the Sacred Bear has brought me down, to revisit my writings from the past..  This sharing involves snakes (pre Kundalini purification) ..  

Every since I did the exercises to become conscious as I was walking through my dream world dancing with the snakeI would dream of snakes.  At the time I didn’t know what it meant or how to interpret the dreams that involved snakes..  In a dream I found from 11-09-2000 I heard the word Tonga Wah Kee..  Interestingly, in the dream there was a girl I thought was working against me, changing the energy of the words I was speaking was what she was doing when I went into the restroom.  There, on the floor was a ball of snakes so I jumped up on the edge of the bath tub where I noticed there were 2 balls of snakes.  And in the bathtub there were another ball of baby snakes so I jumped onto the counter and slipped out the door..  I find it interesting now, in looking back to discover that my Kundalini journey has been all about purification through the sacred Kundalini snake and now I can easily see that the path was being prepared before me within the dream.

This is not the only snake dream I had.  I remember at least 2 others.  One was from the time I decided to face my fear of the dark (in the 1980’s)  In one of the dreams there was the appearance of a snake.  I liked the snake being around me and did not feel any fear of the snake.  The actual dream is faint within my memory.  I remember feeling very comfortable with the snake..  then it did this thing where it attached itself to my lower tummy and made a spiral of energy begin to flow out of my tummy  (At the time it kind of freaked me out and I quickly shook myself from the dream, but looking back now, the Kundalini spinning in my tummy was wow, a sacred galaxy of fireworks.  It was really beautiful.

destiny and her lion love

There was another snake dream in the days of overcoming my fear of the dark (the exercise involved me going into every place that was pitch dark to see what was in the dark)

Down from the house I was living in there was a half circle barn that was used for storing tractors.  The doors were usually left open so that when night would descend the light against the silver metal would make the open doorway pitch black.  And it would frighten me to worry what was inside that darkness..

I was a moon goddess, even then, traveling out into the night of the full moon to bear my naked breast to my Moon in Leo…  even though I lived in the country, it made the darkness of that doorway stand out and I would fear the darkness inside of there.  So when I did the exercises to overcome my fear of the darkness, I definitely had to go in there and see what could be seen within that darkness.

What I discovered was there is light inside the darkness.  When I would go stand in the darkness long enough it takes on a soft glow.  It is like there is this shield of blackness that protects the true secrets that live in the darkness, and by snake arm cufftraveling through that protective veil I could see more.

After I faced this room there came the appearance of the Snake.  She was quite lovely, a green coiled snake that bounced around with me everywhere I went.  She would travel down with me into the darkness of that half moon barn and bounce around me like an affectionate pet.  Then one day, there was a movement and she just jumped up and coiled herself around my arm… and took me to the place where I had a life in Egypt..


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  1. Interesting dreams.

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