Twin Flame: before I knew you I dreamed you


In my dream this winter, Sacred Bear said to revisit my writings of old, that you would be all over them..  so I pulled out the box, and this is the first one it opened up to…

Nov 15, 2000

 Dreamed I had to travel 3 days to get some place.  When I get there it was like a huge building.  The room we were in was large and comfortable.  There were at least 20 people in our room. 

I was sitting there watching the people leave.  They would go out the door and up some stairs to a shower.  As I was watching I saw Madonna taking a shower.  After she finished I was trying to figure out where she went when someone said, “You look like her.  Here put on this Madonna wig.”

They put it on me and as soon as they put it on my a dark skinned man with long hair appeared.  A piece of hair hung down over my eyes.  I had this funky hat on also.  As the man stood there smiling at me I reached up to move the hair out of my eyes.  From then on it seem as though we had connected.

Indian Spirit Man, are you going to fall in love with my Madonna, with the part of me that is wild and free and daring?

mer people by josephine wall

Mermaid Angel by Josephine Wall


((((( PS..  as I was looking though my paperwork I found my astrological reading from back then…  Here stand I..  Taurus.. Sun in Taurus…  Moon in Leo… how perfect is that?))))

a goddess and her lion


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