Hero.. re dedicated to my Rainbow Twin Flame

Nearly 4 years ago I gave this song to you..
The Earth had told me that the day would come when you would love me…  she did not tell me how it was that it would happen only that I should honor the dance from the moment she had me to cut off my braid and give it to you as medicine.
So I did.  I didn’t really know how to get from point A to point B so I did what I know, I gave you songs and I wrote you a book called My Life as a Fairy Tale, in which I translated all of our journey into the story of a girl who went looking for her Rainbow Twin Flame and the boy she met while sitting next to the fire.
There was something inside of me that could feel that I had your attention despite the fact that I continually ran away from your lions roar..  The Kundalini journey had to purify me before I could know your love, and know what your love felt like..
And now that I have reached the place where I can feel your love..
It is like in the dream, where I would find myself in the attic where all the magical items would reactivate as I would walk past them.  There was a picture in the room of us that I could always see us out of the corner of my eye, but every time I would turn to look at the picture it would turn into a mirror and all I could see was myself.
Here in this place where we are now
watching you reveal to me
the depths of your beauty
for the longest time you let this crazy Kundalini dancer dance with you in her pretend story.  In my Kundalini story the book I wrote for you, it was the Earth who told me what was required, how she needed me to not let go of what was happening inside my body, but instead I was to lift off, head for the stars and pull her to a higher vibration..
So in my story to you, as I was leaving, I got onto my ship and set sail out into the great vastness of space.
Oh how I loved writing that book to you and dancing in that place..
I remember always this feel of you watching me
I remember, after the Earth explained to me that I was on a Kundalini journey, the sacred snake revealed its bite upon my lips, revealed why I was doing the crazy dance.  I remember the medicine of the cut off braid calling to me again to speak to you.. to honor the song the Earth had given me.. I remember you telling me that there was something in my song that called to your heart and you did not know why..
And that is where I am now
with you
I touched your heart
and when I looked inside
I saw a female staring back at me
Here you stand
in your love
a flower unfolding before me
like looking in the mirror
and seeing myself
slowly and steadily
this flower unfolding
revealing the depths of her beauty
and here stand I
There is something in your song
that calls to my heart
I dedicate this song to you
again my love
in your beauty
A Destiny ol Love

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