Twin Flame Dreams from before we met, another dream of the sacred 3

Our lives found this way of connecting in 2011.  Now Sacred Bear has told me how you stayed with me in my Dream world as I incarnated into the human body before you.. and he said that every morning you would walk me home and erase my memories of us together..


Way back in the 80’s when I conceived that I wanted to travel with consciousness into my dream world in search of a woman I had met there I had no concept of finding you there.  There were instructions I received from books on what had to happen.  One of the instructions dealt with the Gate Keepers of the different realms, how the in order to pass with full consciousness into the first realm one must travel all the way through their nightmare to see what it transformed into..  so I did that.  For a long time I would enter the nightmare and work my way a little bit further through it until at last the energy of my long standing nightmare transformed into something incredibly beautiful.

After that I was granted access into the various realms of my dream world.  One of the instructions were that even in the dream world there were Gate Keepers guarding the gates to other realms, so when passing through the Gate Keepers the dreams also would tend to distort out and appear to be nightmares that one would need to pass all the way through to get to the true heart of that realm.  To truly see what was meant to be shown one had to pass all the way through the nightmare.

The dream journey was fabulous as I searched for her, the one who appeared in my dream when I was 11 or 12 years old.  It was just so amazing as I would travel to the same place again and again until I could get all the way through.

One day I arrived at a place that when I woke up inside the dream we had just arrived at the Gate Keepers space into another realm.  It was not easy to remember this about the Gate Keepers because in the dream news had spread of my arrival and they looked like cops patrolling the area and searching for me, so I spent many of the dreams running away in fear of them until at last I was inside the dream and I remembered that I might be looking at this all wrong and wondered what would happen if I just surrendered to them..

The Prince of Persia-The Sands of Time-Gemma Arterton-Tamina-wetSo I came out of my hiding place behind the vehicle, held up my hands and said, “Here I am, I am the one you are looking for.”  I was immediately surrounded by the Troupe who grabbed me by each elbow as they told me how long they had been looking for me.  They said something about the Man in the High Place had heard that I was coming and had sent them out to find me and they had been searching for me everywhere since they heard I was coming.

They took me to this building in which we had to travel up the stairs to several floor (like to a pent house to the Royal Suite) And the more stairs I walked up the thinner and taller I became until at last it seemed like I was 7 feet tall and thin as a rail and my clothes also changed form  (I draw pictures from those dreams of us)

When they open the door to the Royal Suite, it is lavishly decorated like something one might expect from Princess il_fullxfull_352139535Tamina in the Prince of Persia movie.  Where sheer silk blows in the breeze over a bed.

When the man who lives there sees me his eyes light up and he immediately comes to me and explains how as soon as he heard I was coming he had sent his sentries out to pick me up and immediately bring me to him.  There was the presence of a woman there.  I could see her, hovering, in the room and thought she and he were bonded.

Then he did something I was not expecting.  He began making all these movements with his hands until I stood naked in front of him.  He put his kisses upon me as he swept me across the room tossing my clothes as he went and laid me naked upon his silken bed where he made wild passionate love to me..  I had to keep wondering who I was to this man of royalty that he immediately thought he should disarm me by removing all my clothes…  and who was the woman who hovered near but did not offer an objection within her spirit..



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