Rainbow Twin Flames, Kundalini Love, being given new eyes, a new view of Love

I am on this amazing journey with my Twin Flame.

The Kundalini purifies us so that we can travel to higher levels of existence.  Before the Kundalini purifies us we are impure vessels and can only see with limited vision.

With the Kundalini the more it burns through you the more it purifies you.  For me, when it got to the heart chakra and I discovered this love without expectation, this love that does not mold or bend another to our will, but accepts our place, each inside our journey, accepts that we are divinely lead to travel to the place where we can accomplish what we came to do even if it means being apart from each other.  When I arrived there, at the Well of Love without Conditions I felt like I had been given new eyes with which to view the world.

It was not that I felt like I had to look at the whole of the Earth this way, just my Rainbow Twin Flame.  Before the purification of the Heart Chakra I was possessive.. and impatient.. thinking if he was indeed my Twin Flame (since he was the only one who showed up once I arrived at the Flame of the Twin Flames Fire)  I was thinking he should recognize me and I him, and we should live happily ever after already.  But instead we kept bouncing off each other, and there was no real way to know if he was actually my Twin Rainbow Flame, just because he was the only one holding me while I was delirious with this Kundalini desire.

He and he alone was the place where the purification happened within my heart, the place that made it all right for him to just be him (even though I share a lot of this journey I don’t share everything)  It was just that, even though he was gone from my presence when the Heart Chakra was purified, after that I felt as though I had been given new eyes through which to view our journey..

My Love is a Lion.. but when he was gone (as he had something pressing he had to do)  I had gone back to the Cougar (who those who have read most of this journey know about already) and began journeying with him.  It was while I was with the Cougar that I learned, in the next  part of my purification process that even though my Twin Rainbow Flames had left and had a journey he had to take, and his mission was in another country, and my mission was here, so that even though it appeared in our current life would we not be missioning together..  what I discovered was it did not matter.  What mattered was that we learn the lessons in the place where we are standing.

And with this I let go of my Rainbow Twin Flame.  I let go of everything, all the visions of a life time I had held onto, the belief that one day him and I would share a life in this current life.  I let go of the vision of the Rainbow Twin Flames.  I let go of the vision I seen that day when I was coming out Walmarts of the 2 Eagles dancing across the sky as they rose above an approaching storm.

I surrendered and let go of it all, and came into the lesson that the lessons are in the place where we are standing.  and my lesson was with a Cougar who had been part of my journey for 10 years who I could never quite give my love to.  So I decided I would give him my love and learn the lesson in the place where I was standing.

I am a galaxy spinning across the universe.  It is a lot for me to turn my energy from one direction, (from the girl of 12 who saw her one true love in a vision and headed for it) to the place where she was going to learn the lesson of love with another man, who she knew was not the one she saw when she was 12, but had discovered that the lessons were in the place where we were standing.  So I let go of everything and began heading towards the Cougar Spirited Man.

In letting go it seemed like I changed the Fates… and the next thing I know the Cougar is pushing me away.  It was like he picked up a foot and just propelled me in a  somewhat different direction..  and I felt like, Me, a Galaxy having to gather her skirt to see where she ended up..

And it was while I was there that I looked around and saw my Rainbow Twin Flame dressed as a woman and I became curious to see him up there dressed as a woman..  so I think, “Well I will just watch him now as he dances in his feminine through my sky.”

Now I am a girl of vision and when the little blue butterfly dances at my feet I must go to my Twin Rainbow Flame and tell him hello, and this is where I am on my journey.. so I did..

And he responded by coming into the space where I sing and dancing with me..  as a she .. so I danced back ..

My love is a LION, and the next thing I know he comes in there and he ROARS..  And for the first time I did not run away but followed him out of the room into a place where our love began to mate..

Then in the beauty that follow, my guardian Bear came and told me that my love had walked with me for the whole of this whole life, that he was all over the dreams I had been writing out for all these years…

And the next thing I know I have come into the presence of his Divine Feminine who had also been inside my dreams..

And again I was given new eyes with which to view a deeper love..

Holy of Holies 3



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