22 ~Dreams of morphing into our light bodies with you


Then Great Bear told me that inside the books of old that I had written over the years were all the dreams I dreamed of you, or at least the ones I brought out of the dream time with me.  He said it was time to revisit “the Books” and look for him inside the dreams you have already dreamed, for you have already dreamed him through time.

Here is a dream from 2003..  He says the guy in the dream was you, only I couldn’t remember you at the time..

When I woke up inside the dream I had just come to the river that I knew I was supposed to cross because of the stepping stone that appeared before me in the water.  I hopped onto the stepping stone and looking around I saw another stepping stone rising up out of the water so I stepped onto it also and waited.

Moments later another stepping stone appeared so I hopped over to it and waited..

I hopped from stone to stone, each one rising up in the moment I would be ready until at last I was halfway across.  In front of me stood a huge column that had a very small ledge around it.  There was a guy there and he was standing on the ledge with his arms hugging the column.

By faith I had jumped from stepping stone to stepping stone and now it seemed the call was to hop onto the ledge of this column that seemed to travel down into the water, and up into the clouds.

Right after I jumped onto the ledge of the column a storm came in, a tempest wind blowing all around us.  Water was splashing up all around us as the sky grew dark and gray.  I looked around for the next stepping stone but it did not just appear.

The guy he is looking around too, then he just lets go of the column and steps back into the water where he just sinks down into the water.  So I do the same thing.  I let go and slip into the water.

We slip down to the bottom and swim into a room with a glass window.  The furniture is unique with those curved legs with the balled feet.  The guy goes through another doorway into an inner chamber, but I stay in the room to look at the furniture for a moment before following him.

In a bit we come back to the room with the furniture.  Then the Earth begins to quake.  The furniture opens its eyes wide, looks around, pick up their legs and run for cover.  As the water outside the room is being tossed around the window suddenly breaks and a woman is swept in.  Then she morphs into her light body, becomes a beam of light and disappears into it..  Then, as the Earth is still quaking, the man morphs into his light body and disappears into the beam of light..  Then it happens to me also, as the furniture has all backed away and is watching from a distance, I morph into my light body and disappeared into the beam of light..

Sacred Bear tells me this was us, dreaming our future.. that the guy in the dream was you and I dreaming together

110115 a mermaid tale first he spirial me times before the mermaid picture adjusted

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