21 ~Into me

Every day at work I have to have this meditation moment.  The people that work around me, for the most part are highly negative, preferring to complain about any and everything rather than accepting the path they are walking or getting off of it.  It can be over whelming to be excited over the little blessings that life offers while listening to the people around me complain..  So I started going into the quiet room at work, turning off all the lights, laying down and then I follow my breath to the moment before sleep when the mind enters the magic of the twilight hour..

As soon as I feel that shift my mind becomes clear again, then I get back up because right after that I would fall asleep..

So last Thursday was really rough on the people around me.  They had no gratitude for our 3 day weekend and blatantly loud and mostly hateful. It was even worse than usual so I went to lunch, then laid down to do my cleansing ritual,  Took my mind down to the place where all thoughts leave and it is clear, when I thought to look around and ask, “Love are you here?  Cause you know I like to keep you close to me.”

Just like that your astral body was beside me on the floor.  You looked at my face for a moment, then you laid down beside me, stuck your astral arm into my body and held my hand..

In that moment when you stuck your astral arm inside of me, my body lit up, all around where your arm was and in your arm, there was a beautiful glow and dance of lights.  I was so surprised that I just looked at  you and asked you if you could see that…  and you just smiled… and glowed.. and continued to hold my hand..

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