18 ~a glimpse into how Twin Flame Love works, secrets of the Bear on the bottom of my Totem Pole

Spirit sleeping together, bodies on separate continents, it is a different kind of love..

Oh My Sweet Love, it was just so pretty last night..  I went to bed and then I couldn’t sleep…  So I rolled over unto my back and I still couldn’t sleep..  So I was thinking, “Well I should get back up then,” and when I turned to get up, your arm tightened around me so I scooted over closer to you  and then you started at my head and with a soft sweep you erased every piece of energy that was keeping me awake from my head to my feet and within 3 minutes I was an empty slate for you to hold so softly..  I just rolled over spooned into you and softly fell asleep inside your heart…  And woke up this morning still there in that soft space..  It feels like a part of you stays holding me until I get up even though you have been up for hours…    XXXOOXXX

I so adore you..  Bear and you came to me in a dream recently and showed me  how from our home world you would come to me every night in my dream time and take me with you back to our home world where we would continue with our love story..  And then every morning you would bring me back home and you and the Great Bear would erase my memories of the dreams.  It felt just like that last night when you put me to sleep so you could keep holding me.

Signatured Love

I would like to paint your face with my lightning in a dream with you and then bring the picture out with me.     I am so into you,  as I merge my Isis love with my beautiful Shining Star. Every thing I gave you in that moment you have given back to me…  Coming to pick me up every night for this life to ensure I made it to my destiny..  Even when I was a child and could not remember you…  Then dropping into that body like you did in this life when I had already walked across the for so long..  And and in our final dream you did that zig zag back and off to the side, then disappeared into another dimension, where you dropped into a human body whose life was pure hell,  thinking “I have to find her again”…  In a place as black as night, honoring the story of the man who let you take his place and searching every where for the love you knew was yours..  The girl who walked with the Lion, our signature through time…

Kundalini snake on my arm..  Our signature through time..

The girl who could not stop singing a love song that called to your heart in the midst of the chaos.  Our signature through time.

Our love carries a signature through time

As a child I did have a hard time remembering my dreams.  There was only one that stayed with me.  It was when I learning to ride a bike.  I simply could not figure out how to ride a bike, embarrassingly so because everyone else in the family learned to ride a bike before me.  Then one night I went to bed and dreamed I was riding a bike.  There was someone back behind me, holding the bike up.  I thought it was my dad, but when I turned to look I saw it was a woman (who I have seen you draw a picture of her too, and she is the one from my Woman who grew Wings dream)  She was gliding effortlessly beside me, holding the bike up while her feet were not moving.  Then she leans in and whispers in my ear, “The balance of the bike is in the front wheel.”  She turns the handle one way and I start to fall over, then turns the handle to the other side and I start to fall the other way.. then turning the handle to the center, I find the balance of the bike, and magically I can ride it..

Years later, when the Great Eagle appeared in a vision from my quest to know if the Great Father existed, when the answer came in the first thing I ask for was to find her again.  Then waking up and finding me coming out of the library with an armload of books, I began the journey of dream exercises to find the her.. all the while unknowing that in finding her, I was finding you…

My dreams became so magical..  an attic which had a room in which everything in it was magical and would activate as I walked past it.. there was a magic mirror there and when I would see it out of the corner of my eye I would see you and me.  But when I would try to look at it to see you, it would become a mirror and all I could see was myself.

One time a storm blew in (inside my dream) and through the clouds I could see a man in a hot air balloon coming towards me.  As he came into some intense lightning he changed vehicles and took on the form of a hand glider weaving his way back and forth through the lightning.  and when it came time for him to land he changed forms again..  4 horses and their riders. As they crested the hill the first one took on form of a Wizard and the other 3 his young Raccoon’s.

He came to me with something that looked like a prayer stick and bid me smoke it with him.  when I did, I lost all consciousness, til I came back.  Then he offered me another hit.

In another dream after that I was staring to the north and to the east I saw a Ferris Wheel off in the distance…

In another magical dream, my son came to me and said,  “Mom there are Angels asleep in the bed.”  I went and looked and sure enough, a man and woman, Angels, asleep in the top bunk of the bed.  He was cradled against her like you were cradled against me this morning, (even though we live in different countries.)   I don’t know why but I sang to them in their sleep…  and now I believe they were showing me us, and I thought that at the time, but until you came into my life here on Earth this time, I could barely remember what us felt like..

One of the predominant things about doing the dream exercises to become conscious in my dreams was the fact that I found myself traveling to the same place over and over.

1024px-Philae,_seen_from_the_water,_Aswan,_Egypt,_Oct_2004One was to a life in Egypt.  I would push against the dream to  try to see further.  In the beginning I kept finding myself at the end of a large building.  We were going down to the waters edge to bathe and teach the children.  When it came to my graduation time they shaved off the front of my hair and tattooed a golden sun onto my forehead.  In my current life I am a Taurus.

There was also a snake (Kundalini) that would travel with me.  It would bounce along beside me, like a friend, and then one day it bounced up and wrapped itself around my arm.

Another dream series I found myself in was a place I repeatedly traveled to.  At the time I didn’t know why.  I would make it to the small town with the 2 stop lights, (the 2 moons) and traveling through I would get to the forest but would not be able to bring out the rest of the dream.  Since you are here now I have discovered that this is a Nebula, a place where Stars are born.

In 1993 I was instructed that to find you in this life I would have to get onto an Indian path.  At the time I did not know I was a Native American.  I only knew that my grandparents were.  The only way I could think to do it was to begin writing you letters every day to speak to you.  This had the effect of allowing me to become aware of you in my dreams.  Most of the time I would refer to you as the man who walks with me through my dreams.  But still I was blind without seeing the deeper meaning of your touch within my story.

11 years later, 2004, I was instructed that the prayer had gone forth.  No more was I to write you, that now it was up to Creator to lead me to where I was to go to answer my prayer to find you again.  It was really hard to stop writing you as every day I would sit at my computer and desperately want to let the song flow again. .  and while I sat there a beautiful thing happened to me for I merged with a bolt of lightning and he shared his song with me.  I became transformed and was sent to be walking towards my purification story.  I was taught much along the way with the Great Mother leading my path down a road to a Kundalini story.  Many people run away from the Kundalini story for it is very intense having all that is impure within the story line removed in the giant storm that ensue..  But the Earth, she just told me to hold on because she needed me to travel through the great storm..

To my great comfort I was given a man who was lost also inside the storm and looking for his Twin Flame.  And for some strange reason he allowed me to sing to him my love song, as he was the Angel who was carrying me through the storm.

Then low and behold, I came into his heart and he into mine.  We joined as One and found we are each others Twin Flames..  From 2004 until we truly knew this, 11 of my human years had passed.. and 11:11 event..

Our love carries a signature through time… It is how we find each other again and again..

And since I discovered this, the Bear has revealed, through a dream, that even after we accepted our missions to go to the planet called Earth, and I left before you, that you travel nightly into my dreams where we would travel together, to the same places again and again….  and every morning, when you brought me back you would erase the memory of us being together from my mind.. until our love in human form was remembered..

Our love through time carries a signature.  There are many Twin Flames who have arrived at this same mission for the Earth, for him for her, for the Two who Walk as One…..  It makes me wonder, in the next great circle.. what name will they call us.. the gods and goddesses of our time have congregated once again to sing a new world into being..  m human self is learning so much as we remember who we are….

(PS I love your Totem Pole picture..  It is a perfect reflection, with the Bear on the bottom and her love up above the Bear…  (((((( hugs ))))))

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