17 ~Eagles Love song within a Kundalini Twin Flame Dance

1984I am a girl who watches for the signs.  Hop skipping from age 12 to 35 found me viciously being torn apart by my second husband as he was divorcing me.  I was arm candy to him and had displeased him by not obeying the “norm” and for some reason he was divorcing me by smearing my good name to my family and friends.  I was in pain as I was deciding I would never let another man break my heart again..

The next thing I know I am being approached by a friend who said she saw my one true love in a vision.  She said he was an Indian with long black hair and he stepped out of the forest, came to me and offered me his peace pipe.  She said he will show you a love like none you have ever known.

A month later I was approached by another friend who told me that she had a dream that she was at some kind of gathering when she saw a beautiful Indian Man step out of the forest.  She said that she immediately thought of me and went over to him to tell him about me.  She said he said that I was not looking for him that I was looking for power.

It was a path changing moment because I am a girl who looks for signs on how to get from point A to point B and what this told me was that I needed to get on an Indian path to find you.  I did not even know I was an Indian at this time.  I only knew that I was being guided by an Indian Woman to get my answers from the Earth.

journal1993thru2000unburnedTo help me change paths I wrote you a book.  I called it The Prayer (the one I sent to you 3 years ago, or so).  The second thing I did was to begin writing letters to you.  I called you Indian Spirit Man and wrote you nearly every day for years to tell you where I was on my journey to find you and to draw closer to me.  On each notebook I filled up I would put a picture.

The Eagle was important to me.  A bunch of artist showed up at the house so I sat down to draw with them and an amazing thing happened.  While drawing the  Eagle I suddenly realized it was a headdress and as I drew her beneath it I saw the words, “And at the end of the story the Dancing Bird Goddess soars high above the clouds, ever aware that the Great Eagle, whose eye she has caught is following behind her but unaware of anything else..  In that moment I am made aware that everything that happens next is part of the journey and can be translated into symbols within the book I am writing for him. (which I named, Journey to the Edge of the Precipice)

Later I made a picture of a cloud and painted on it, “Come find me” and added mated Eagles to the wall.  After a time2005 february you showed up in my dreams.  I called you the Indian who Walks with Me through my Dreams, and other times I called you the Man who Walks with me through my Dreams.   (Now I know they are the North of the River Dream Series)

The Earth began attempting to guide me.  She would tell me to take an exit and I would tell her I did not want to.  Finally I just asked her why she was doing that.  She said she wanted to see if I could follow instructions.

At the time I had a boyfriend.  (you did not show up in my dreams when I was with him, and I would write in my journal to you an apology for leaving the journey towards you while I was with him)  He was a junkie, a shoot em up junkie.  I did not know this until he told me that this was the reason for his bizarre behavior.  So I took him back because he said he was going to get clean.

The need of a junkie is like a woman you cannot resist, her call upon his heart so strong that he went back to her and the bizarre behavior began again.  It was finally when I heard the cops repeating again, “ma’am we believe this man is going to kill you if you don’t get a restraining order against him” that I heard them, for he had already taken a knife to my throat and done other things that could have killed me.  I was broken by the experience and could hardly speak because I could not travel down the passage of my mind and find the words I was looking to find as so many times his behavior would be so bizarre that I would hide in the closet in fear until he would leave.

So I did as they said and 3 months later began to write you again daily.  I thought a lot about my journey, about how my life just kept getting worse and worse and had torn me to threads as I was trying to get my voice back, trying to find the passageway back to words behind doorways that would not open for me anymore.  I thought about how the Earth had tried to instruct me, how when I asked her why she had said, “I am checking to see if you can follow instructions,” and made the decision to surrender to her to do exactly what she said and be taken to my destiny (In the year 2000.)

Immediately feathers began being gifted to me.  The first ones were gold.  I was immediately taken into an Indian journey where I suddenly understood that I was an Indian.

4 years into the Indian journey I was told the prayer had been sent and it was time to let go and follow the path to my destiny, that I was not allowed to write you any more letters..  (a beautiful vision then unfolded and I was sent on a mission by the Earth.  I followed every command, even when I did not want to give my sacredness to some in the crowd, she told me,  “I know the waters look dark, but there are pearls in those waters.”  So I did exactly as she said.

9 years into my surrender to the Earth such devastation came upon my life that I wept for a month straight and cried out to you with all of my might to please come find me..

10 months later I was standing with a Lakota Indian when a storm came upon the group of us.  He turned, raised his hands and began singing a song to the approaching Thunder Beings..  and my heart chakra (which had closed when I had decreed that no man would ever break my heart again)  my heart chakra opened wide and all this love began to pour out of.  There were signs there that told me he was not the One, for I had gone there to meet him and his bride to be.

Then on the eve of Thanksgiving I was driving home from work when I saw a Rainbow Flame flash before me,  then a second one, signalling a Rainbow Twin Flame journey was about to begin, and moments later I came over the hill to see a million dollar fireworks display being sent off…  Everything after that became a vision as I was then taken to the place where I found my way Home and was taken into the purification chamber where my base chakra was activated.

In the 11 year after I surrendered to the Earth I met you, a girl with her kundalini spinning wildly, deep in vision lion protector and the kindalini doorwayabout these Rainbow Twin Flames and fireworks that were coming when you came and sat beside me there.  Then there flashes before my eyes a picture, in the future of  us in the stars and you holding my hand.  And the next thing I know the Earth is screaming at me, “cut off your braid and send it to him now!!!!!”  So I did as I was told, and as you well know the rest is the history of an amazing kundalini journey, one in which the Earth guided through the mark that was left where the braid once laid, how I bounced to and away and to and away, all the while writing you a book I called, My Life as a Fairy Tale which called to your heart.. and your sister, she then came in the form of a butterfly blue to make certain I stayed on to a path to you..

The last time we parted took me to a new place, a place where I understood that you were on a mission in another 2EaglesWalmart110611_2country, and I was on a mission here, and in this life it simply was not our destiny to have a physical relationship, and that it was ok for me let you go in this life totally and completely because if the truth be known it did not matter what we did, or do because in the place where you are is the place where there is the lesson..  so I let go ..  of all hope of you holding for me that place in your heart where thought of us as a couple.  I surrendered.. and I let go of the picture the Earth had showed me of us in the stars and you holding my hand…  and surrendered to the free fall of the Eagle…

and as I am looking down I little blue butterfly is dancing around my feet…  And I thought, “Why are you showing up now?  I have just let go of him..

But being a girl who looks at the signs and believes they are important, I took a moment to jot you a line to let you know I had figured it all out… and you said you wished I would explain it to you…

Then like the Great Eagle in my Dancing Bird Goddess vision you grabbed my talons and listened to my love song as we plummeted down…

You make such a beautiful love story…

Our Kundalini rapture… our Transcend Dance…

The discovery that all my North of the River dreams were always the place I went to be with you..

To trying to see farther into our other world where we are together always..

I closed my eyes the other nights and suddenly I was laid up all against you..  I had my heart against your heart, my kundalini heart galaxy was spinning..  then I watched as your begin to spin and the 2 of our galaxies began to dance.  This had an amazing affect on you as I watched it shoot down your tummy, to your root chakra, and feel it begin to spin.  Then the energy slipped into my root chakra, and traveling up it past my tummy, into my heart chakra that was spinning..  Into your love I flow…  and you into mine..blissfulcircuit

(something like this picture only chest to chest.. it felt lovely)





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