16 ~Birth of the Blue Star from the North of the River Dream series

We are Stardust

I have consciously been trying to see further.  In our astral travels for a while now I could only see us flying, but could not see where we were..  Then I had the realization that the North of the River dream series were always about and with you and I began to see farther especially after you gave me the address.  It helped me to look at the journey differently.

Woke up one morning and it was being explained to me about about the countless times I made the journey North of the Rive and how upon awakening the memories would wiped from my consciousness.

The other day I found myself in a place where the waking state overlapped the dream state.  I closed my eyes to see where we were (as all of our lives are happening simultaneously) and found myself staring at a golden sun that was made up of lines (I could not do it justice drawing it, but some hours later I went to bed and as I was staring into the darkness I saw a blond headed woman in a golden chiffon dress that was blowing like the dance of a solar flare..

So imagine I am riding on the back of your Harley and we are gliding so smoothly down the road when I see a Golden Sun Woman to my left.. then we go around a curve and I see her again on my right..  I saw her 2 times, the Golden Sun Woman.

Then we come to a place I have been to very many times in my dreams.  As we are coming into town a single moon stands out in front of us signaling like a stop light at a corner.  It is a blood red moon  We are gliding smoothly on your Harley, when a slight bend in the road and and suddenly the moon splits out into 2 blood red moons.  Then after we pass them I look back and they are 2 yellow full moons.  A slight curve in the road and they bend back into one moon showing… like a stop light at the edge of town..

We move on, just like I always did in all the dreams as I have been here countless times and keep coming back, through the small town back out into the forest, into the windy road…  to my left I can see Golden Sun Woman, her light upon 2 clouds give them the appearance of light yellow golden Angel Wings..  and off in the distance behind that forms the body to the Angel.  It is pale turquoise in color…  to my right, up in the sky are 6 or 7 missiles.  I am beginning to think they were pillars of creation..  One of them appeared to have broken loose from the formation, made it kind of look like a YIIIII

I always loved the next part of the journey, traveling into the forest.  Watching the shadow of the trees contrasting with the light above.  An event happens up over us, through the clouds I can see something that reminds me of the Star Dancer from a vision some years ago.  She had braids in her hair that created the effect of a globe, a map of the stars.  As I am looking at this Event I am realizing it looks like an Atom.

Then we went past the observatory, and down the incline.  There was a place there you wanted to take me to, kind of like the feeling of sneaking with you behind an old wagon of hay…  we stood there waiting for the Event Horizon to happen.  As I adjusted to the darkness I realized we were not along..  someones poodle kept staring at us, so I walked around the hay wagon and underneath I saw a tiger.  By this time I was completely distracted listening to what was saying, how that they would open the conservatory for the Event Horizons so people could come and watch..  Then I saw a momma tiger trying to help her baby tiger up a step.. by a man who was just standing there…

Then my Bear showed up and the next thing I know I crawling up a tunnel and out of a cave …  and fell asleep…

When I woke up I realized things I don’t even realize I realize yet..

In my dreams, I have been compelled to come again and again to this spot…   So many times I have dreamed this journey, this little bitty town with red light at the crosswalk.  I always would pass through the town and head out to the country..  to the winding road with all the trees…  when I would loose consciousness of the dream..

this is the first time I have been able to see that it is a nebula that is calling to me…

I am the Blue Star… and you are the Red Star…  we like to dance that way too..

I am seeing farther than I was seeing since I am consciously running with you…

Orion nebula NASA

Orion nebula NASA

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