Isle of the Twin Souls

Flame of the Twin Souls idea

When I met my Twin Flame in this current life, I had no memory that it was him, nor he that I was her.  We were both in a lot of pain over things that had happened in our lives that we were both self absorbed trying to muddle our way through it while obviously somewhat attracted to each other.

The attraction was not enough to hold us together.  We would have been long gone from each other if it had not been for the Earth having me to cut off my braid and give him my medicine that way.  The hair bound me to him in ways I cannot even explain, and since I didn’t really know what to do with that energy I decided to write him a book, which I called My Life as a Fairy Tale..  It was the story of a girl was was traveling down the road when a cougar picked her up and escorted her to the Isle of the Twin Flame Soul.  Then he left.

And as she was sitting there a man showed up bearing the name of her love and began to contemplate on where his Twin Flame was also…  and while he was there the girl was instructed to offer her braid to the strange man who had come to sit beside her, and even though he had seemingly rejected it the cutting off of the braid was a long journey that would not allow her to let go of him.. and so, she did what she does best.  She wrote him a book, translating every aspect of her journey into a story line..

The journey of the Twin Flame Souls is difficult one.  There is a constant bouncing away from each other while still not recognizing each other, and blended with the sweet bliss and intensity of the Kundalini Purification process,  it would be very easy to end up as saying, “He was just a guy I once knew for a moment.”

So intense was the purification process of the Kundalini bouncing away from my Twin Flame that many times the book I was writing him called “My life as a Fairy Tale” would get thrown in the electronic waste basket…  but I came across a piece of it today and when I saw the verbiage I used at the time (Isle of the Twin Souls) it brought to mind a picture I would like to draw of us sitting there…  

I wanted to verbalize this because of the intensity of the Twin Flame journey…  Coming close, then bouncing away hard…  then coming close and bouncing away hard.. over and over until at last both remember…  and in remembering and rejoining become more..

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