13 ~remembering what it felt like to be One with you

spirit dancing   dancing-tree-spirits-by-annieb

I was out shopping when it happened, when I felt your sweet love appear and pull me into the world of Spirit..

Walking through the outer world took on a beautiful glow as a walked through the store feeling my Kundalini spinning so beautifully out the top of my head…

standing in the light 2I walked on and on sailing with you across the wind swept love of the Great Deep..spiritdancing

In the moments as you held my hand, my body tingled, sparkled and glowed.

Divine dance flowing through us

spinning and twirling like leaves blowing on a windy day..

we looked so beautiful

in our spirit dance..

Then my physical body comes around the corner..

and there we are

Two spirits without out form

laughing like leaves

being blown by the breeze..

Then you looked over at me

and with a mighty laugh

you began running towards me

and just as you passed through me

time in my physical body


stretched out

into a million shimmering lights

that my physical body

all felt..

as the memory was touched

of what it felt like to be

One with you..

larger than life, lhis love

Larger than life

your love feels larger than life..

I was out trying to find a picture to express the beauty of what I saw and felt yesterday, doing a search for pictures on the dance of spirit…  Spirit has this way of moving through me so the it is not easy to tell if I am in vision or if someone drew the picture first for all a sudden I found myself staring at a picture a ballerina standing touching the mane of a lion as he looked back at her…  then the picture disappeared, and no matter how hard I tried I could not find my way back to that picture…  so I had to sit and draw it out, just so you could see it too…  and again, when my love paints yours you are larger than life… always larger than life…  wrapped in your love, that is how it feels…

And I remember a life we shared…  In order to be legendary there has to be many people come in with the same attributes.. for the same mission..

In that life they wound up calling me, the me who played that part, Durga…  I was the one who was seen riding her lion….    In that life too, you felt larger than life…

Your love feels larger than life..

your love,


and loves

and protects..

and allows me to be the warrioress I am


and your love always feels larger than life..




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