The Time of Purification, Native Peoples and the Kundalini


It is the Earth who told me she needed me to stay strong upon the Kundalini Awakening path (it can be a bit intense at times) …  she said that she needed me to do this as part of her (and him) ascension as she is ready for her body not to be so dense and the Kundalini rising through our bodies releases energy that is trapped upon her body..  The energy of the story lines stay even once the story if over….  so like what happened to the my people in our countless Trails of Tears (Native Americans) is trapped upon the Earths body.  The energy is trapped and needs to be released so the Earth can again become less dense and more of us can come back to that place where the magic grows within us.. and no voices stop  us from growing upon our path..

This picture, with its movement reminds me of what it feels like when the Kundalini is running up my spine and out the top of my head…

kundalini traveling up the spine and out the head

In the beginning the Kundalini  is blocked from traveling up the spine and out the top of our heads in places.  It is said that it comes in through the feet (and by 2 accounts it is proceeded by the heart chakra bursting open in love before traveling to the base of spine and beginning its great spinning)

When the spinning is occurring we are being purified.  It is felt very strongly at the base of the spine.  For myself it was like watching galaxies spinning within my body.  One point would be spinning then like there was a highway to another galaxy, maybe up in my shoulder, that would begin to spin too.

I remember, before I knew this was an act of the Earth purifying me watching a spinning universe for a time.  Then one day it got sucked into the black hole at the base of my spine and just disappeared,

In the beginning the Kundalini was focused greatly on my lower area with a huge galaxy spinning in my tummy.

When my lower regions were purified it seemed to enable the Kundalini to rise higher and higher..  up my spin to the heart…  It was very intense, the purification of the heart, the purification of the energy of love..  some of the energies that get removed are jealousy, possessiveness, insecurities etc.   These are all emotions that do not serve the higher good in a walk that is balanced and serving the Earth.  They are unhealthy emotions, and the Kundalini purifies them..

For myself once the energy of love was purified within me, it became more a passage that was not so intense..  passing through my throat chakra found me feeling a need to express myself with greater purity of spirit.  Before I would cling to a “Look at all the great and terrible things that are happening” ..  but in being made pure I was instructed to set my eyes upon the uplifting energies and move in that direction…

And with that I came into the energy of the Kundalini traveling up my spine and out the top of my head…

I saw this electronic picture and wanted to share this for my Native Brothers and Sisters who are scheduled to have their Awakening also…

There are those who go first because they have the ability to verbalize it for the others… to ease their path..  In the days of old, we would send out our scouts to look for the best passage from one place to another for our Tribe..

I am like that..

My love is for the Indigenous peoples of the Earth..  the Earth keepers …  We have been Earth keepers for far longer than this one planet has existed…

When a planet is seeded to with its first life, on its journey to become a life sustaining planet it is the Earth Keepers who go in and sing the honoring songs, who create the story lines for the ones who will come..  It is a sacred trust to be an Earth Keeper..

The time of the purification is coming…  It is here already…  And Awakening…

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