pg 11 Kundalini revisited

I know I have talked to you about this before, but I am thinking that since I am writing a book to you and drawing pictures of the journey as I go, we may want this in there for later.

Anyway, when I met you in this life something called to my heart, but I did not recognize you as the Indian who walked with me through my dreams.  A strange magic had taken over my life.  My heart chakra had opened wide on the day I watched a Lakota Indian sing a song to the approaching thunder clouds. June 2010

After that, within 3 months I was driving down the road when I saw a rainbow flame..  then moments later a second rainbow flame appeared and when I got to the top of the hill there began such a fire works going off that I could not believe what I was seeing.. It was the day before Thanksgiving 2010..  and then not too long after that I looked up to the sky and 2 Eagles were in a glorious dance and they headed up to travel above the storm.

I am a girl who watches the signs…  so next I meet this Lakota Sioux guy who tells me it is time for me to enter into the purification chamber.  In vision I first step into a foot shower before entering a swimming pool.  In vision I was then taken to a second room which also contained a water purification chamber, and when I got to the 3rd purification chamber my Kundalini was fully activated.  Then I was dressed in purity and taken out to the court yard.  After years of searching I had finally make it home to my Indian family, and I was in full vision when off in the distance I saw a Shining Star calling to me..

I headed over to him because he called to me, and there I sat down by torch of the Twin Rainbow Flames.  He came over and sat with me there..  He was looking for his Twin Flame too.. and he was you..

Of course I didn’t know he was you.  All I knew was he some guy sitting there with me at the Flame of the Twin Flame Torch.  There were other things happening as we were talking and I felt frightened by his passion and his strength so just as I was ready to move away from him the Earth screams at me, “Cut off your braid and give it to him NOW!”

I cut it off and tried to avoid sending it, but when I went to the post office, they just sealed up the package and sent it to you anyway.

Right after that I ran away.  And then the pulsing and the beating of the drums began to play harder.  My Kundalini took over.  The pulse of the drums became harder and louder and I went deeper into the vision with it.  Sometimes the beating of the drum would burn parts of me, then they would back away until I healed.  They would check on me daily until they began to take on a life of their own.  They were like visitors from heaven, each one with their own feel and touch upon my body as the drums beat louder and louder.

In the midst of this I was given a picture that one day you were going to hold my hand.  That was it.  That was all I saw.  There were no instructions on how to get from point A to point B.  And it didn’t matter because the drums and the pulse were beating so loud.  It was drowning out all reason as these multiforms took on a life of their own and became regular visitors, who I could see and feel in vision but I did not know who they were, just that their touch upon my body carried its own signature.

One night one of them came to me in a dream and said his time with me was over, that it was time for him to go to the next place he was scheduled to go.  I asked him if I could go with him for I rather enjoyed the beat and pulse of the drums that played when he came around, but he said that the place he was going would not be nearly as beautiful as his passage through me….

With this I stepped out the back door and found myself on side of a mountain, with soft grass that went down to the kundalini doorwaytrickling creek below.  Straight across from me another mountain, and to my left, located between these 2 mountain was a smaller mountain that had a passageway leading around it that lead to a door.

The door was unusual so I stood and stared at it for a long time.  It had a half moon top and added to and carved on the door where it opened was 2 snakes that wound around each other and went up to a 2 by 12 that was adorned with wings.  And up above that was a circle.

I honestly didn’t really know what was going on before this.  I had no defining description, so I searched the internet for the 2 snakes that wound around each other with wings and a circle on top and discovered that I was in the midst of the Kundalini Rising.

Eastern philosophy cannot explain this to me.  I could not understand what they were talking about.  I was just a girl who heart had opened wide when she said a Lakota Indian singing to the approaching Thunderbeings, who had gone into a vision that had now lasted nearly a year, who had been taken into an Indian Village (It was Galaxy) who saw a distant Star (that was a Solar System) way out on the edge that she had gone to see and had not left after she had come out of the purification chamber, who could now hear the drums beating loudly inside her vision.

About that time I looked in the mirror and my hair was sticking straight up from where I cut off my braid for you, as the Earth had told me.  There was nothing I could do but surrender to the medicine She was offering you.  So I would talk to you until the cut hair would disappear from view.  By this time I was already writing you a book called, ‘My Life as a Fairy Tale” so as to define where I was on my journey with you, in the journey where I did not know how to get from Point A to Point B..  and it was really easy because the effect of the Kundalini Snake bite many times was overwhelming me with the vision I was in.

Each time my hair told me reach out and say hello you felt so comforting to me.  I was like a girl who had been bitten by a snake and was hallucinating and you would carry me until I would fade and find myself in a different place as I would sing you my song.

The drumming and pulsing in the Kundalini kept becoming more and more intense.  My dreams were now telling me that I was like a vortex of shining beaming light on the Earth and the Earth was telling me that she was releasing energies that had been blocked upon her body.  I was being shown that one of them had to do with energy of slavery.  There was a man.  He was taller and stood well about the other slaves.  They chained him to the mast pole to serve as a way to get the other other slaves to obey..

and the man who stole my heart, the Earth showed me how he was a thief when he lived on the Earth, and his energy that passed through me was being converted into a place in the mountains that would steal your heart..

There were also these 3 ghost who had lived on Earth.  They got their kicks from when people would drive through the mud, they would throw sharp stones at the window, so when they cracked a windshield they would get bonus points.  They passed through me through my Kundalini and their energy was converted into 3 waterfalls with built in flower containers.  I called them the Splash Brothers…

Then the Earth told how she really needed me to do this for now  we were going to lift and push.  I had to shoot off the Earth and lift her with me..

All of this and I had barely even known you a year in this life…  and we did not even remember that we were Twin Flames..  Every time I would reappear to, because my hair would stand up where once my braid lay…  with my fantastical tales about a girl who met a guy at the well of the  Twin Rainbow Flames, who one day boarded her ship and took off for the stars..

Well every time I reappeared you would just wrap your arms around me and hold me…  Then you’d fade.. and I would fade.. on and on, with me bound to you by the Earth and her medicine to you of the braid and the girl she asked to honor the medicine…

lion protector and the kindalini doorway




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