12 Bear Medicine and the merging Twin Flames

Bear medicine 110915

At first I didn’t realized that Bear had called me to make the journey into the Room of the Winters Sleep.  I was making a passage when I saw a beautiful quote by Silent Bear about how

there are many places one could get lost

but the one place a person could get lost

without being lost was

within a hug.  

I wanted to share that quote but about that time IE locked up, so I went and looked again all over my room for the quote.  5 times I made the passage but I simply could not find it again..

Time slipped by and I was forced into bed not feeling well, and by the time I got out of bed I realized I now felt like being silent..  I could not think of anything I wanted to research.  I just wanted to walk in silence..

A Silent Bear called out and said it was time to go into the Dream..

this morning I woke up inside the the darkness of the cave looking at the symbols on wall and seeing their story in a dream.  I thought it was my dream I was in, but it was not.  It was your dream that we were inside of.

You are a Walkin on this Planet Earth, holding in sacred trust the memories of the man who left.  I watched your dream written on the side of the cave wall with you..  as Silent Bear lead us.. to a place up ahead where I could see a room full of light.. with arms that reached out and hugged us..

and it felt like we are in the merging time of the Twin Flames


Since I am teaching myself how to draw, I honored the Silent Bear with a picture and looking at the picture I remembered a dream I used to have..  I called it the Attic Dream..  because I would always find myself in room full of ancient artifacts.. or antiques.

The thing was, they were magical, and I would walk past them they would activate.. the TV would turn on..  The Radio would begin to play, The Toaster would begin to toast..  The Crystal Ball would show pictures..  and within this room there was a picture of me and my Twin Flame.  But I could only see him out of the corner of my eye.  Every time I would turn my face towards the picture to see you, the picture would turn into a mirror and all I could see was myself..

That was how it felt waking up inside your dream this morning.

(((((( hugs )))))))

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