10 ~ Twin Flames, a love story ~Mermaid Tales

I am on vacation this week and have to play catch up.  I have to go back and draw the ones I missed so that I can capture all the beauty.  In the beginning of this book there were 3 in which you were holding me and we were spiraling..  They were really beautiful and then we got to this one in which we come splashing up out of the water..  you holding me like this, and I holding you..

When I drew this picture today I was struck how this looks like the second time a picture has come out looking like a mermaid…  It took me right back…  Remember when I wrote you the book “My life as a Fairy Tale”

I had written one of the times I left you as a girl who got on her ship and sailed away in the great deep (the sky)  Then you would reappear so I would paint you as the Great Lion who graced as I passed through his skies..  On and on I journeyed sometimes towards you, sometimes away..  and there was this one time when I had the eye of the Great Lion in my sky when a storm began to brew.  The sky drew dark around me and the waves began to slosh and grow hard as they pounded my ship..  So in the book, I stood on the edge of the ship and took a dive into raging storm.  and just as I hit the water I transformed into a mermaid, swam down below the storm and swam over to mermaid island to visit my sister for while..

And then, in the book, when it came to the place where were going to speak to each other again, I left the island life and returned to my ship where the Eye of the Great Lion stood on my deck and watched me transform back into a girl with 2 legs as I got back on my ship…

This picture I drew today is really the 5th picture in my book of love for you…  the first 3 were you holding me as were spiraling.. the 4th was the one  in the water with the stepping stones.. and this was the 5th in which you were holding me and we emerged from the water…

Looking at this picture it looks like you went and got the mermaid and brought with us into our new world.. our new story…

110115 a mermaid tale first he spirial me times before the mermaid picture adjusted


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