Day 8 …. The Talking Trees

103015 My Lakota Love

I was working on yesterdays picture when I got your message .. the Talking Trees  so with great love I added it to the book of love I am writing for you…  the third book I have written you, how sacred this journey…

I have at least 5 pictures I have not transmitted yet that I need to get done…  3 of them are of the spiral….

Today when you picked me up to take me on an astral journey, it is like I can feel you from a distance as you move towards me..  I can feel you when you are coming closer and then I saw you come up from behind as I was standing ready to merge into you.   You just wrapped your arms around me and we shot straight up into the spiral…  The spiral is divine and feels so heavenly.

The pictures I have seen from our astral journeys are so beautiful…  I will draw them for you and put them in a book.  I will sing to you of our love story…  the love of trees feels really beautiful and the place where we touch and intertwine, it is the place of sacred dance between us.  Our love is One even as we are 2 humans walking on the planet Earth..  I am here in this place.. and you are there in that place.. separate journeys winding and intertwining, touching in ecstasy..

I was thinking about the fact that we are both Indians, you Cheyenne.. and I Cherokee.. Blackfoot.. Mohawk.. and 3 other missing Tribes (one of which I believe is Lakota through Whitefeather from 13 generations ago when he asked me to leave our people and marry a Mohawk warrior so that I could incarnate into this blood line 13 generations later as the Warrior Seer)

It is the Indian Nations who have my heart and my sweet Lakota love..   The Kundalini got lost amongst our people in the time of the great suppression when we were not allowed to share.  The Earth tells me that this is her experience, this spinning in my tummy.  She tells me that this is what needs to happen to lift her (and him) into a  higher vibration back up to the path where the magical things happened

Now here we are and the Earth is ready to ascend back up into a higher vibration, 2 Indians you and I, doing what is requested of us to help lift her.. and him into a new world..


(I am working on my Destiny signature…  )


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