pg 6 `TRANSCENDENCE a Kundalini Twin Flame love story

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Today it occurred to me, your coming and picking me up, taking me out to the astral world..  us traveling together when we are not touching in the physical world … this place where we are now inside the great peace with each other ..  We have arrived at our Transcendence.

This is our dance of Transcending.

It took me back to a dream that we shared in the spring of 2012.  This is not the first time this has happened to me, where I arrive in the future and receive instructions that I am to travel back in time and perform an act of love for my younger self…

In the dream that you and I shared you were in the store shopping when you found a body part, a woman’s hand that had been cut off and on her finger an engagement ring..  and were distressed over it and went to find out who the hand with the engagement ring belonged to.

And I had dreamed that I was in the store when I had received a call to come quickly to a prayer circle for someone who had become quite distraught.  When I got there, there were 2 other couples in the room and one by one they were praying for the girl who was in the center of their circle rolled up in a ball with her mind gone far away.

After the first man prayed the woman next to him began to pray for her, pouring her love out and into the girl at the center of their circle.  When she finished, the prayer was passed to a man beside her..

And as I watched them, my mind knew that it would come to my turn to pray for the woman who was distraught.  but I  did’t know how I was going to do it, because I didn’t know what was wrong and how could I pray for what was wrong when I didn’t know what it was..

As I was standing there I found myself staring at an antique looking Wardrobe.  It was like one of those things you touch and you know you remember it, and it was just standing there looking at me like an old tree that is a friend..   that you must touch..

and just as I reached over to open its door, the final prayer finished.  It was my turn to pray and I was now standing tgif leave an impressionin front of the Wardrobe with the door open..  There was a song inside, and the song just came inside of me and I began to sing it.  It was in a foreign language so I did not even know what I was praying.  It sounded like a Gregorian Chant, which I sang all the way to the end of my prayer.  Then the door closed and I awoke..

It was right after that, that you had to leave and take the path you had to take..  and I had to travel the path I had to travel, which was a Kundalini path in which this huge bubble of blocked energy pushed its way out the lotus flower of my heart chakra…It was the purification of my heart chakra that gave me new sight.. So I walked on down the road to a new path that I stayed on until a few months ago when a leaf told me to leave leavethe path I was on..  3 times did I hear the command to leave and made the choice to leave the path I was on… while the butterfly blue danced at my feet..  Then you reappeared as soon as I left that path..

Now that our world is a new world I look back on that dream and realize that I (we) was praying for another version of myself..  and there were 2 more versions of us in the room..  from our journey ahead..

Today when you picked me up you took me to the grace of the great wind, I heard all of this story again and was given the knowledge that we have now arrived at our Transcendence.. and I think that there are 2 more of us up ahead on our path ..  that we are going to evolve 2 more times..

The other thought that occurred to me today when I was inside the grace of the great wind was our Kundalini, and the sharing of our Kundalini with each other.  It is like we are being taken, there in our dance of Transcending we are leaving behind one world and ascending to another one.  We dance, so it is our Transcendance.

Then the Grace of the Great Wind took me to the place of remembrance.. remembering when we were One, at peace and in bliss together we walked.. but without the ecstasy of the Kundalini dance surging between us..

Where we are at now in our astral journey, we are on our way back to the place where we merge back into One, and when we arrive we will remember what this Kundalini between us feels like.  It feels like we are plugged back into each other, and that too is a part of our Transcendence.



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