Letters to my Twin Flame, add on to pg 5, add the Kundalini

kundalini twin flame beginningsThe thing is today when I was feeling you my Kundalini began spinning on a place in the lower right hand section of my tummy.  I have been aware of a need for healing in that part of my tummy for the last 6 months and this is the first time that I have felt the Kundalini spinning there..

This whole Kundalini journey has been quite remarkable.  In the beginning, when we first met in this life, it was spinning very very hard, so hard I could not be certain I was not hallucinating when you were holding me like that and carrying me… but it just kept burning through me, purifying me..  purifying my ability to love..  When we met, I was about 6 months into my Kundalini Awakening.. I didn’t even know what had happened to me.. and at that point I was still very a very jealous and possessive person, but the Kundalini just pushed and pushed, and pushed its way up my body… until at last, it felt like I was given new eyes to see..

Now this time, since you have been back, my Kundalini again sings…  its a different song now..  It is as if you think of me and my whole body glows in soft pulsating lights that spans across the universe.  I no longer feel like I am in chaos trying to make sense of what is happening…

now it is sheer bliss.. knowing that this  love is pure and has walked with us through many a life, here and there across the universe…  How perfect that the tools I brought are enhanced by the tools you brought.  Now when my Kundalini spins in your presence I can feel the glow..  I am pleased that this spinning is on the side of my tummy I have been aware needs healing..  I look forward to what new energy is brought by the healing..

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