Love letters to my Twin Flame, page 4

butterfly nebula 102315


I am better able to understand the feelings I feel when you pick me up and take me on an astral journey.  Yesterday I reflected with joy that, even though we live our lives on separate continents that if you need me I am but an astral moment away and you can just pick me up and take me somewhere holy where we can refresh and take a moment from the chaos that comes with living in physical bodies.

Love should be a masterpiece and reflect itself out so that others can feel and touch it and be uplifting.  Our work together is a masterpiece, a love story that spans for me from the time I was 12 when I first saw you, standing there, showing me, with great excitement where our missions would meet up in our upcoming mission to the Earth..  One Ibutterfly small shall be able to paint that picture..

Yesterday I felt it when you came and picked me up and took me on journey..  and butterfly neb smallafter a time I went to have a look see, to see where you had take me.. I closed my eyes and stood in the darkness staring through it, until off in the distance I could see a faint fog, which I stared at until I saw that you had taken me to a Butterfly Nebula.  It was a lovely soft blue with soft yellow… makes me think of your sister and here part too in keeping us together..

In time I will be able to see farther than I am able to see now and will bring out beautiful pictures of us on our Twin Flame journey..

..  Here is a picture from where I am in my art classes now..  We are working on layering.. texture of paper and its affect.. and different ways to make lines to create an effect..  When I look at my art now it is so easy to see that the day will come when I will be able to transmit masterpieces from our love story..

art lesson 102315




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