Love letters to my Twin Flame, page 2

Sometimes we go on these missions wondering how it is that we find each other when we have specifically said we would be going onto separate continents and then have to find each other again..

For me in this life, it began in my youth, at the same time that I saw you in the vision I was given a second vision in which I was told that if I had any questions on how to walk through this world I was to ask the Earth..

In my youth I tried. I did.  I listened when she sent that butterfly to land on my nose and speak to me of the cocoon and the struggle to transform into something more and break free..

After a time she began speaking inside my head, telling me to take an exit and go down a certain street.. but I was stubborn and did not want to listen…  And when I finally asked her why, she said, “I want to see if you can obey me.”

In the meantime I found myself in a dream in which I was in a room with the Ancient Ones.  I looked like I was 3 years old compared to them.  They were reviewing my life, the progress of my life and what would need to happen next for me to fulfill my mission.  When they turned to me they showed me a picture that was full of terror, and me running blindly down a path being chased by something really awful.

With apologies they showed me what was to come.  They told me that they believed this was what they believed needed to happen next in order for the transmutation of my energy into a state of love where I would vibrate in a certain frequency of pink.  They asked me if I accepted this mission and I said yes..

And that was where I was, in the middle of the nightmare when the Earth began speaking to me and whispering her commands inside my head..  which in the beginning I ignored..

And it wasn’t until 3rd time the police were standing in my house saying, “Ma’am we believe this man is going to kill you if you do not put a restraining order on him that I realized what a nightmare my life had become and turned to travel in a new direction. 

I surrendered to the Earth, to following every command that she gave me.  The Great Storm cleared and I was taken to an Indian world where I was told to sing my song by the Earth… so I did…

And eventually I was taken to the place where you were standing…  And shortly after I met you (which you know the story of how it went) I found the Earth screaming at me, “Cut off your braid and send it to him RIGHT NOW!”

Even though you were in a bad place, having journeyed into to nightmare of the person you replaced and seemingly rejected the medicine, it matters not.  The Earth gave you medicine path anyway.  She knew I would not abandon the medicine or not listen to its voice, and the cutting of ones braid is a very radical statement, it would seem, because each and every time the growing in hair spoke to me I would reach out and speak to you…

until here we are now, 4 years later remembering..  and being changed by the energy exchange that we make together..  our Kundalini journey…

Twin Flames find harmony

I am going to write you this book my love, and paint my pictures in it


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