Love letters to my Twin Flame

I am in ecstasy diving into your love



I have come into this place of understanding, and this full circle has now become a spiral…

I know no way to go back and begin the story to get to this part..  (begin a 12 with seeing you in a vision, both of us signing the contract and accepting our mission to Earth and you showing me a picture, with great excitement where our paths would hook up again)

so I must paint this love in the moments I am feeling it in..

There was this period in my life when you came into my dreams..

So many times I would find you there (the “Indian who walks with me through my dreams”)

I loved that journey with you..

On the very last dream we were walking hand in hand, when you did this zig zag movement, 2 steps back and off to the side, then disappeared into another dimension…  so I followed even though I did not see you there and went in search of you..

Who would have thought, in the greater grander picture, I incarnate as a human and you on our Home Planet were touching my life by dreaming me from there..

And that moment when we were walking and you did that zig zag 2 steps back and off to the side, forward again into another dimension it was because you were preparing to be a Walk in, walk into a mans body as he was committing suicide and step into his darkness…  so that it became you and I reaching through the darkness trying find each other again, this time us both in human form.

My surrender to the Earth, to follow her commands enabled me to take the leap of faith that we both needed to plug back into each other,

I did not recognize you, in my head, when we first met here on planet Earth this time ( something undefined called to me) but in my head I was in another place…  Those first moments (spanning the first few years) of us bumping against each other could be compared to 2 space ship bumping gently together as they are about to plug into each other..

Yesterday I was watching through time and space, you had taken me to the waters where we stood waist high..   I cupped my hands and laughed as gently I splashed you…  and you said that we were sending our ripples through the land..

I have begun another book to you…  Love letters to my Twin Flame….

into the spiral 03


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