Twin Flames, sacred Medicine

Here is my practice drawing for today.. Still working on views that are not straight on with the face..

101315 03

This picture reminds me of an amazing happening with my Twin Flame journey in 2011.. One day the Earth screamed at me “Cut off your braid and send it to him right now!!!!”  This was right after I had just met him, and we were sort of flirting.. So in one swift move I cut off my braid and sent it to him.. Talk about some strong medicine..

Twin Flame journeys are intense.. Being purified by Kundalini.. And bouncing all over the place… Close to him.. Away from him..

LoL but when the hair is cut next to the head when it is growing out it stands straight up.. Obvious signs time to sing to sing to a Twin Flame.

In the Indian Way, your hair is one of the strongest medicines you can give a person..  I cut my braid straight off from the top and then forgot..  Twin Flame journeys are difficult, to say the least.  Mix it with Kundalini and there is a bouncing hard off of each other, to learn a lesson and have an emotion become purified in the process.  I bounced hard away from my Twin Flame and then the magic of the medicine of the hair began to show as one day I looked in the mirror and there it was poking straight up, reminding me to reach out to him.

My hair grows at the rate of 4 inches a year every time the hair would speak by showing itself to me I would write a ‘just reaching out to say hello’ message to my Twin Flame (who honestly at the time we did not even remember that we were Twin Flames..

It is a strong medicine, honoring the cutting of ones braid for another..  It is a medicine that reaches through time.. and heals..

Twin Flame journeys are long and we don’t spend every moment together (I am not saying there are not some who are on the same mission together, just not mine and my Twin Flames in this life)  My Twin Flame lives in another country, and we each have attachments to the work we are doing where we are at so we will not be physically together in this life.

But there is much growth also in walking this way.  Kundalini burning and purifying all that is jealous and possessive out of me so I can stand and love in purity, and honor each our paths we take..

With my Twin Flame I feel very much like an Earth who is held very much in the arms of her beloved Sun..  and just like in the rotation of Earth around the Sun..  sometimes it feels like the Sun is further way…  and then when he comes around again my heart quickens and in ecstasy it seems my Kundalini dances stronger..

It is possible we may not have continued this path if I had not been listening to the Earth and obeyed the call to give him my medicine…

Was practicing the eyes in this picture. I found them so alluring..  and in writing this I realize when I represent my Twin Flame in my art I can paint the necklace on his neck  of the symbols meant to represent….

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